Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lithium Drive: - 2012 BMW 1 Series ActiveE Electric Car Overview by Roxie Roadfly tnr.v, czx.v,, lmr.v, tsla, rm.v,,,, jnn.v, abn.v, res, mcp,, quc.v, cee.v, sqm, fmc, roc, li.v, wlc.v, clq.v, lit, nsany, byddf, gm, dai,, hev, aone, vlnc

  Bring back smelly humans! And this revolution actually will help us all to stay here much longer now. We have nothing against Roxie and if she can promote Electric Cars 24-7 - we are fine with it - just put more smelly humans in these Electric Cars!

"This is the way to go. Now it has started for real. All revolutions are happening in the hearts first and than on the streets, where the real people live. This Electric Mobility revolution is moving fast - we do not need any permission from DC and any encouragement for that matter - we always try to preach economics and common sense, but who can calculate freedom and clean air for our kids? This will be the real kicker for this market and once people will realize that they can break free from Oil servitude they will make the right choice."

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