Sunday, February 20, 2011

US Dollar: Mess continued: The Federal Reserve is a Private Bank tnr.v, laq.v, asm.v,, mxr.v, bvg.v, bva.v, ura.v, abn.v,,, slw, mgn,,, auy, ktn.v,, btt.v, gbn.v, cgp.v

  We need to have fun from time to time, this movie will make you the way the Hybrids are introduced there in a special way as well...In our quest for the investment trends and underlining economic and financial trends understanding of the US monetary system is the key. We hope that by now not a lot of people will be totally shocked to find out that Federal Reserve is as federal as Federal Express. Have a fun and if you would like to dig deeper you are welcome to the links below. You can always decide where is fiction and where is truth and what is good for your money.

We have called it The End of Money before:

"We have the very strong complications with FED engaged in QE in a situation, when Federal Reserve is as federal as Federal Express. In absence of Gold - as the base for the monetary system - with it's external disciple, we have a traders paradise, when Enron is auditing itself. Arthur Anderson has not saved the shareholders of Enron and collapsed with it's client - today in our monetary system nobody even pretends to be sane any more.

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