Monday, November 26, 2007

Gold And Silver mining shares Buy Signal

Previous Major Top in HUI and XAU was market by Top in traffic to web site. Recent Major bottom in August is market by Recent Bottom in traffic figure. Now interest is rising again. For any market to go up in its valuation you need new buyers, new money coming in. Interest and following the Gold Story is a first sign that the Crowd is coming back.

US Dollar long term chart

Courtesy of Jim Sinclair web site:

We have long time to go in this Bull market for gold, silver and commodities.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

TNR Gold Eureka property Land Extension.

Looks like management is busy with grabbing all land around historical resource of 50 to 60 Mt of 1% Copper. Resource is not compliant with NI43-101 and strategy to "keep it quet" definitely works: you will not be able to buy 5,403.85 Ha of land for 15000USD once first drill will hit mineralisation. Guys have it to Kitco: first time I saw news there today: story is getting interesting...


TNR Gold Corp. (“TNR”) is pleased to announce it has signed a letter of intent for a six month option to acquire 100% of an additional 5,403.85 hectares at Eureka, for a one time fee of US$15,000, which if exercised will bring TNR’s holdings to a total of 10,192.34 hectares.

If TNR does not exercise this option by June 1st, 2008 it shall have a right of first refusal on the additional 5,403.85 hectares to June 1st, 2009. The additional ground is adjacent to the original land claim and covers an area of favourable conglomerate rock which hosts the Company’s Eureka project.


Exploration on the project is ongoing for the rest of 2007. The goal of this program is to define precise targets for drilling and trenching for further exploration activity. TNR’s program will include geochemical sampling, geological mapping and geophysical surveys throughout the area. The work will also include re-opening and cleaning out a historical adit located on the property which is presently in progress.

The property contains over 5 km of historic underground workings. In addition, a drill program in the area of the adit will be implemented to test the continuity and extent of the mineralized horizons. Only 70 metres of the 450 metre deep, prospective Eureka formation has been explored to date which leaves much exploration upside potential of the property. In a 2000 report, Minera PeƱoles geologically estimated a potential of 50 to 60 Mt @ 1% copper in oxides based on surface workings, trenching, underground sampling and the assumed continuity of the near surface mineralized beds at Eureka (Geological and exploration data and estimates contained herein are taken from historical records that predate NI 43-101 and/or from later reports not intended for use within the jurisdiction of NI 43-101. Although, TNR has no reason to doubt the accuracy of this data, a Qualified Person has not yet verified them. {Chapman 2007-TNR’s NI 43-101 compliant report posted on}).

The 10,192.34 hectare Eureka property is located in the northwest corner of Jujuy Province in northern Argentina, near the border with Bolivia. The property is accessible from the provincial capital of San Salvador de Jujuy, approximately 4 hours to the south, and easy access within the property by a series of gravel roads. For further information please visit our website at
“Gary Schellenberg”

Gary Schellenberg

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Very good article on Zinc, Lundin Mining LMC and Mantle Resources MTS.v

I am following this Blog and found it very interesting:

You can find a lot of information on Roxmark Mines RMK.v and some info on Mantle Resources MTS.v.

Royal Gold RGLD is at Buy Daily

Royal Gold RGLD move usually is an early indicator of Gold move, it has developed yesterday very strong Bullish White Hammer Candle, Slow STO is Oversold, MACD will develop Buy signal should the move to upside continue, RSI is turning positive.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lundin Mining LMC Assestment. CS

Risk comes when you do not know what you are doing.

I will run some numbers later.
Bullish case for Lundin Mining LMC in the Big Picture:
1. You are making Money when you are buying undervalued assets with near term catalyst for realising their true value.
2. You are making Big Money when "nobody wants it" and there is blood on the street.
3. You are making money when your house is safe and You Are Not on Margin: nobody can force you to Sell at Loss.
4. You are happy when your precious asset is going down in price only in One case - when you can Buy more.
5. In Lundin Mining Case you have invested because:
- You think that the US Dollar is shrinking in value, powers are shifting and Demand will be there even with USA already in recession and Chinese stock market crashed 50%. You do think so because you know that China is Planed economy with huge amount of USD paper asset which they are happy to exchange for the real goods. You have checked Shippers Talks - they are pointing to higher Demand in 2008 for all raw materials. You know that Chinese Market is still a fraction of Chinese economy and its "crash" of 50% will only put it on solid uptrend line. You think that this blip will not prevent Chinese Government from race with time: they need leap frog in building infrastructure in order to prevent aggression and attempt to democratisise them as well as to ease tensions inside the society and by urbanisation move unstable classes from poverty into New Middle Class Consumers of their own Chinese products. They have for this 1.5 trillion USD IOU from bankrupt state which by accident are still accepted in some parts of the world. This is the only positive scenario for me in the world of shifting powers: that rising powers will become quickly confident in order to prevent stupid attempt to nuke them. Once reality will be accepted: Multypolar World will become evident. Reality will be difficult to accept: it means that Average standard of living in the Western world will need to come down and Eastern World will rise. Standard of living means not amount of Credit Cards, but amount of available for consumption energy and commodities. You can fool your citizens about value of the dollar, rich have all means to diversify, how can you diversify if you are living from cheque to cheque? But you can not fool yourself: real wealth is not IOU of the bankrupt state but Real Assets which you can use to build productive assets, by raw materials, feed your workers, give them part of the profit to make them happy and then Store your Surplus Capital in Ultimate Value: Gold ans Silver before you will make another investment decision.
- You have taken into account that recent drive down on Zinc price was caused by increased Chinese export due to Reduction of Export Subsidaries which is actually indicating Strong Demand from China for the product.
- You know that Lundin Mining has the right mix of commodities to satisfy your Big Picture approach: Zinc - you need it for all white goods and cars, bridges, skyscrapers and pipelines. Copper - it is Energy, energy, energy. Lead - it is cars, millions of them. World did not noticed but people still need fridges, microwaves and cars, only one new thing: it is not in Arizona but in Shanghai.
- You know that main production assets of Lundin Mining are in stable boring Europe and even they are trading with discount to Real Value. There is no Credit for Huge Tenke Fungurume and Ozernoe deposit in the price at all.
- You have read latest release and satisfied that management is investing in existing Assets in order to increase production, putting another mine into production this year and cutting operational cost combining and eliminating six offices (economy of scale).
- You like to Buy below owners of the company, you are not so stupid to think that you can know something better then them in their business. Buying at 9.5 CAD you will feel better by 2.5 million on their recent 2 mil purchase at around 12 CAD.
- You have run the numbers and decided that it is a real bargain considering all the above.

New Company and Tenke Fungurume presentations:
P.S. Guys are in a very difficult position: they can not Promote Tenke too much untill DRC will confirm their project status: hint is that Latest Drilling was never reported, before "people have talked" about three times bigger resource (it will not be revealed by recent drilling but magnutued of potential), they have 30% cap on increase in investment with FCX. This is the catalyst.
P.S. Insiders are buying again at 9.57CAD
Colin Benner is Vice Chairman of the Company

Saturday, November 17, 2007

TNR Gold Corp.: Los Azules Property Update

Another good news: management will not let this one to pass by...Prefeasibility is right under way.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 16, 2007) - TNR Gold Corp. ("TNR") (TSX VENTURE:TNR - News; PINK SHEETS:TRRXF - News) is pleased to report that Minera Andes Inc. ("MAI"), the operator on the Los Azules property, plans to start its next phase of drilling within 30 days. MAI has also executed a definitive option agreement with Xstrata Copper covering the Los Azules porphyry copper project in San Juan province, Argentina. This information has been derived from a news release issued by MAI, the project operator, on November 14, 2007.

TNR's option with Xstrata consists of approximately 20,000 acres located adjacent to the northern border of MAI's Los Azules property. TNR granted Xstrata Copper an option over 100% of the property, subject to a 25% back-in right in favour of TNR.
Drill results from MAI's 2006 campaign at Los Azules confirmed significant high-grade copper on the property. An 11-hole drill program returned intervals up to 1.62% copper over 221 metres and 1% copper over 173 metres in separate holes, both of which are on the Xstrata optioned property.
Map of the property:

TNR has a 25% back in clause on the property if a feasibility study is completed within 3 years of the exercise of the option, subject to payback of two times the expenditures on the property. If TNR backs in for 5% or less then its interest will convert to a 1% net smelter royalty. TNR maintains a strategic land position in the area."

Friday, November 16, 2007

TNR Gold New Presentation and El Salto drilling is announced.

New Presentation is now availible on TNR Gold's website:

With latest news about El Salto drilling Xmas will be interesting on this one:

TNR Gold Corp.: 3,000 Metre Drill Program to Commence at El Salto

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 16, 2007) - TNR Gold Corp. ("TNR") (TSX VENTURE:TNR - News; PINK SHEETS:TRRXF - News) is pleased to announce that mobilization of equipment and drill site preparation is underway on its 100% optioned El Salto project in Argentina. The minimum 3000 metre drill program is planned to commence next week.

Several well defined targets will be drilled in this initial program which is expected to be completed within 4 - 6 weeks. The drill program will test a large chargeability anomaly delineated by a recently completed 3D IP survey (approximately 40 line-km), which in part is coincident with the known copper and molybdenum geochemical anomalies on the surface.
TNR has completed a reconnaissance mapping/prospecting and sampling program during the 2007 field season. The results of the program, and historical data suggests the property is predominantly underlain by sedimentary (quartzite, arenite) and mafic volcanic (basalt) sequences, which have been intruded by intrusions of gabbro and granite to granodiorite. The chargeability anomaly resulting from this IP survey is coincident with the margins of two exposed feldspar-phyric granitic bodies intruding the sedimentary rocks in the northern and southern parts of the property.
A total of 216 rock chip/grab and 20 stream-sediment samples were collected in a 2007 field season and sent to Alex Stewart Assayers (ISO9002) in Argentina for multi-element analyses. The rock chip/grab samples yielded anomalous to highly anomalous copper values ranging from 500 ppm to 4000 ppm (72 samples) and one sample assayed greater than 10,000 ppm. A vuggy silica float sample assayed 4.23 g/t gold and 11.7 g/t silver and is strongly anomalous both in arsenic (4096 ppm) and antimony (445 ppm)."

TNR Gold TNR.v Los Azules Copper Discovery Update, Minera Andes, Xstrata.

Minera Andes signs definitive agreement at Los Azules copper project with Xstrata Copper

"SPOKANE, WA, Nov. 14 /CNW/ - Minera Andes Inc. (TSX: MAI; US OTC: MNEAF) is pleased to report that a definitive Option Agreement has been executed by Minera Andes and Xstrata Copper regarding the Los Azules porphyry copper project in San Juan province, Argentina. The Option Agreement consolidates into one package adjoining properties that straddle a large copper porphyry system."
"Under the Option Agreement, MASA has the right to earn a 100% interest in Xstrata Copper's property by spending at least US$1.0 million on the property by November 2010, making payments to keep the property in good standing and producing a preliminary economic assessment (to NI 43-101 standards). If in the opinion of Xstrata Copper, the preliminary assessment shows the potential to economically produce 100,000 tonnes (200 million pounds) of contained copper per year for 10 years or more then Xstrata Copper will have a right to earn a 51% interest in the combined properties (the "Back-in Right")."
Minera Andes made sure that their agreement is valid with Xstrata Copper before new round of drilling. Looks like they are sure that Xstrata will have economic intention to exersice the back in right.
Should I remind that TNR Gold holds back in rights of 25% with Xstrata on Los Azules property and two best intersections are on TNR Gold's land.

"Xstrata AgreementMinera Andes owns a 100 percent interest in its land that makes up the southern half of the property. The Xstrata lands (see map) are subject to a letter of intent whereby Minera Andes has the right to earn a 100 percent interest in Xstrata's property by spending at least US$1.0 million on the property over the next four years, making payments to keep the property in good standing and producing a preliminary economic assessment (to NI 43-101 standards). If the preliminary assessment shows the project to be potentially economically viable at a potential production rate of 100,000 tonnes (200 million pounds) of copper per year for 10 years then Xstrata will have a one time back-in right to earn a fifty one percent interest in the combined properties by making a cash payment to Minera Andes of three times Minera Andes' expenditures on the property, completing a bankable feasibility study within five years and assuming underlying property commitments. In the event that the preliminary assessment does not meet the size criterion contemplated above, Xstrata's interest would reduce to a first right of refusal on any subsequent sale of the property. All lands that make up the property's mineral applications are subject to a provincial mouth of mine royalty of between zero and three percent. This royalty will be negotiated with the province of San Juan as the project advances. The Xstrata lands to be acquired by Minera Andes are subject to two underlying agreements. The first agreement covering approximately 1,400 hectares has remaining payments totaling US$845,000 to acquire a 100 percent of these lands. The second agreement (WITH TNR GOLD Sufiy), covering the remainder of the Xstrata lands contains underlying payments totaling US$410,000, a US$1.0 million work commitment and a 25 percent buy back clause if a feasibility study is completed within 3 years of Xstrata/Minera Andes exercising the option to acquire the property, subject to payback to Xstrata/Minera Andes of two times the expenditures on the property. If the vendor buys back 5 percent or less there interest will convert to a one percent net smelter royalty."
TNR Gold Corp New Presentation:

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Recent developments

All markets are oversold now: Lundin Mining is making Double Bottom after ER.

Profit is taken on PUTs:

Calls on LMC are established.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

TNR Gold TNR .v new kids of the block: new Entry point.

There is a very good entry point now in this early stage exploration play in Argentina.
I am holding the position in this one, it is still very risky, but potential could be worth it.
Web site with new update on all properties is on the way. Latest PP was at 0.2 CAD, after that some guys accumulated serious positions. RAB Capital, Barrick Gold, Nova Gold are shareholders. Financial institutions are accumulating via Pacific International Vancouver, they ran the latest PP. Insiders are holding more then 30% and buying.
Resent drop in price is connected with liquidating of position by Lundin Mining which has received it from Tenke Mining after acquisition. They are not interested in Argentina and sold it into the market after price of TNR Gold increased from 0.2 CAD in August to 0.72 CAD last Tuesday. Insiders were buying again and stock holds very well important level of 0.4 CAD. Once the selling pressure will be out stock will resume its upward momentum with news on exploration activity.
Main Assets:
Argentina 16 properties
Most interesting:
1. EL Salto - drilling is underway Gold-Copper-Moly target.
2. Eurika - Copper historical resources of 50-60 mln t 1% Cu (not 43-101!) drilling next year.
3. EL Tapau - Gold drilling next year.
Company has changed its strategy and will advance these properties by itself, keeping upside of discovery.
4. Los Azules back in rights from Xtrata: Minera Andes MAI.v is operator with two best holes of Cu discovery on TNR Gold property, more search the blog.
5. Other properties are in J/V with Tenke Mining (part is optioned to CVRD), Latin America Minerals, La Mancha.
6. Alaska: Shotgun 1 mil Au oz historical, Winchester zone discovery - 50% with Nova Gold as partner.
More info for your DD:
CEO interview:

Subprime Economy

No commets, hold onto your Juniors:

I am always telling you to Buy in Goldies, Juniors and Commodities.

We will be buying back into USA when this guy will be elected.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lundin Mining LMC Congo Press Release

06 November 2007

Statement by DRC Government Concerning Recent Market Speculation

The DRC Ministry of Mines notes the recent speculation concerning the outcome of the Licence Review Commission.

The speculation is not based on any official document, but on a leak of an early draft from within the Commission. The government deplores the leaking of this draft and the uncertainty that it has understandably created.

Martin Kabwelula, the DRC’s Minister of Mines, said this morning:

"The review process has been damaged by this grossly misleading leak of information, but the DRC remains determined to manage the license review responsibly and to the benefit of all responsible companies.

“It is expected that, after all irregularities have been corrected, the great majority of companies currently in the DRC will remain in the country for the long term. This has been and will remain the position of the government.”


For further information please contact:
Roger Carroll/ Helen Tarbet
Bell Pottinger 0207 861 3232

Lundin Mining LMC Lundins bought another 2 million shares

Stock is forming a nice double bottom on the chart and is close to another Buy.
Situation in Congo will be resolved smoothly in the nearest future: Kabila can not allow to damage his investment "status" with big companies, alterations could be made, but they FCX will stay. Once uncertainty will go away discount on Congo assets will be much lower, stock price will rebound.
Regarding earnings: will Lundins be buying 2 million shares if something were wrong? I really doubt so.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Rainy River RR.v Intersects a 4.0-Metre Wide Semi-Massive Sulphide Horizon Grading 25.67 g/t Au and 184.14 g/t Ag in Step Out Hole South of ODM Zone

This is what I called High grade in my previous post:

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 5, 2007) - Nelson W. Baker, President and CEO of Rainy River Resources Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:RR - News) is pleased to report that partial assays have been received for NR07198, a 2000-metre drill hole which is currently in progress and is designed to test the ODM/17 Zones and the 433 Zone well down dip from the known gold mineralization. In the upper part of the hole, semi-massive to massive sulphide bands consisting of pyrite-chalcopyrite-sphalerite hosted in sheared metavolcanic rocks were intersected in a new mineralized horizon occurring 400 metres south and stratigraphically above the ODM/17 Zones. This hole was spotted 100 metres west of NR07-121 and is the most southerly hole drilled by the Company on the project to date. The new zone is characterized by unusually high silver values."
So now we have extension to the target and Silver play as well.

Continium Resources CNU.v Update

Continuum releases results for latest phase of drilling at Natividad Prospect and posts updated 43-101 report on SEDAR
"The Company also announces the completion of an updated NI 43-101 report detailing the results of the geological, geochemical, and drilling programs completed to date at Natividad. The full report can be viewed on SEDAR ( These results and the updated 43-101 report will be used in evaluating the economic potential of the deposit and help formulate an exploration plan once work recommences.
Negotiations are ongoing between Continuum (70% owner of Natividad) and Cia Minera de Natividad Y Anexas (30%) to set the terms of a joint venture for the Natividad properties and assets." Once this issue will be resolved stock will finish its consolidation.

Lundin Mining LMC Tenke Fungurume Update

I would like to thank my reader about another confirmation on Kabila's visit to FCX facilities.
I think we are on a good track to receive positive news confirming finalisation of agreement between FCX and Gecamines. Report should be finalised in next two weeks.
Please do not be confused with:
"If you will insist my advise will be only to read CS and that if you are on a margin or have put your house in ANY stock in the market SELL immediately. In all other cases obtain all information and then entertain yourself with your own thoughts and decisions."
This is my general position: never trade your house or be on margin for ANY STOCK in the Universe.
"Congo president tours Morenci mine
His Excellency President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Joseph Kabila visited Freeport-McMoRan’s Phelps Dodge Morenci Mine on Tuesday.President Kabila toured the mine and the company’s Process Tech-nology Center near Safford.
Monday, October 29, 2007
-->Kabila and a delegation from the Congo are scheduled to meet with President George W. Bush later this week.Freeport McMoRan is the managing shareholder in the Tenke Fungurume Project, which is building a copper and cobalt mine on a 600-square-mile site in the Congo.Construction on the mine began in 2006 and should be in operation by late 2008. President Kabila requested to visit a copper mine operated by Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. while he was in the U.S."

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lundin Mining LMC is "punished" by Congo situation

I was with Tenke Mining for many years: political risk was always there and will be always there. This was the only reason I could buy this one at 0.9 CAD.
Interpretation of this risk is what matters for the stock price. My own personal take is that all these "news" are actually positive for Lundin Mining. Only if someone is investing after Mad man on BubbleTV sad Buy and without any DD this will be out of the blue.
Revision of all mining licenses in DRC are taking place from the very beginning of this year: you can find information on this blog: just search Tenke mining. Even Doug Casey once has put Tenke Mining on SELL because of 5.o CAD. Should I remind you the price of last April?
Actually now information from management is confirmed: Tenke Fungurume is not under question of termination. Renegotiation is another story and could certainly happen, but before you will sell in panic give it a thought:
1. Just check the value of the resources in Tenke Fungurume and discount by the market value of it in Lundin mining. Find conditions of the deal on this blog.
2. If conditions will be different - then previous uncertainty will be resolved and actual value, even still with Congo country risk, will be much higher. NPV of the project assumed long term copper prices of 1.0 USD. Value of Tenke Mining for Lundin Mining based on 8 cents for lb of Cu in the DRC ground. Extension of the resource base was never announced after latest drilling: I will guess that news will come out after "renegotiation".
3. "Renegotiation" are already well under way: Kabila - President of DRC, has visited Washington within last two weeks and met with G.W. Bush. Freeport-McMoran FCX is not a small company: they must have their own connection. There is some information (do not Trade on this one) that it is possible that people who looks like Kabila, his Minister of Defence and Minister of Mines have visited FCX properties in part of former Phelps Dodge which was recently acquired by FCX.
4. There are also some very important provisions in the Tenke Mining and former Phelps Dodge agreement on Tenke Fungurume: if capital required for putting Tenke Fungurume into production will exceed 25% PHD and now FCX will be responsible for all overcup.
As usual all this information does not contain any investment advise and only my thoughts on this particular situation.
If you will insist my advise will be only to read CS and that if you are on a margin or have put your house in ANY stock in the market SELL immediately. In all other cases obtain all information and then entertain yourself with your own thoughts and decisions.
The news could be found here:

Friday, November 02, 2007

Fed pumps $41B into US financial system

US Dollar is getting nowhere but down...

"WASHINGTON (AP) - The Federal Reserve pumped $41 billion into the U.S. financial system Thursday, the largest cash infusion since September 2001, to help companies get through a credit crunch...
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which carries out the central bank's open market operations, moved Thursday to inject $41 billion in temporary reserves into the U.S financial system. It came as part of ongoing efforts designed to ensure that the markets -- which have suffered through a period of turbulence over the last few months -- function smoothly. The cash infusion came in three separate operations.
A New York Fed spokesman said it was the largest single day of operations since $50.35 billion was pumped into the system on Sept. 19, 2001, following the terror strikes on New York and Washington. He declined further comment."
Now you can understand magnitude of financial disaster and melt down in Sub prime market. New supply of dollars with less demand will lead to further depreciation of the US dollar. It will bounce time from time, but general direction is down. Indication by the Market with yesterday's sell off after FED Rate Cut show us that Bull liquidity story has ended and in order to keep thing just from falling apart in financial sector further rates will follow and Gold, Silver and Commodities will fly.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Newmont Mining weekly: spot the difference

This is still Bullish chart. Like I have sad before I am expecting Gold and Silver stocks to decouple from General markets like it happen in 2002. With general markets drifting down and sideways Goldies will take a new highs. MACD Buy intact, RSI positive and rising.

China FXI daily is at SELL.

Will China's economy break down - I do not buy this theory: it is planed economy with capitalistic approach with huge driving force of urbanisation and leap frog forward in infrastructure. This Dragon will be eating commodities for years to come. Will China's stock market correct? It is not a question for me - the only dot left is when...
Dayli SELL: RSI falling down, MACD Sell.

Google GOOG ...I know, I know - "this time it is different".

This is still a barometer of Investment Madness in WEB 2.0 bubble to watch. Untill this stock corrects to its "more reasonable level" of 30-40 FCF we will be still in a bubble state. Unhealthy expectations of next 20% upside with potential 50% downside are driven by liquidity, but it is quickly drying out...
The last time Warren Buffet sad in China: Google is great company and its easy to see it, but valuation is different: at 200 billion MC (it was before recent run) just to deliver 14% p.a. return to shareholders it needs to reach valuation of 400 billion in five years.
I have run the numbers again with GOOG at 694USD its market cap was 217 bil. Now MC/FCF=74.8! CAPEX has decreased from 597 to 553 mil in 2007 Q3 from Q1. Assuming at least the same CAPEX (hitting competition, Video - new storage blades ets.) FCF margin is 25.6%. In order to reach "normal valuation to MC/FCF=30") with return of 15% p.a. in five years time FCF must be 14.6 bil! and Revenue 57 bil! It means 30% growth year over year without any CAPEX growth extension. Google will reach MC of 437 bil in this case. Is it possible with economy marching into recession? I do not think so, but even if you are optimist here it is 15% per year with all risks of downside of one trick pony business and hitting competition. To give the idea of "normal MC/FCF valuation" Royal Gold RGLD will need to double overnight just to get there.

Research In Motion RIMM daily is at SELL

RIMM is daily at SELL: MACD SELL, RSI is falling down.

Apple AAPL daily is overbought, uprun is overextended: could turn on a dime.

Move up is overextended, any drop down will create Sell on MACD and stock will be due for correction.

S&P SPY daily is at SELL

SPY is at SELL daily: MACD still Sell, RSI is falling. Financial fall out has just began we will witness a lot of staff taken out of the closets.

DOW DIA daily is at SELL

DIA SELL at daily: MACD is stll SELL, RSI is falling.


New highs are not confirmed by RSI, MACD is at SELL, SLOW STO overbought, volume is lower at new High.

Newmont Mining upgraded by RBC Capital

1-Nov-07 RBC Capital Mkts Upgrade Underperform Sector Perform

Markets are getting Nervous: VIX is rising

Markets are very close to panic mode: VIX is rising. "Buy" signal is still valid: MA50 cross over MA200 from August. Once crowd will realise that FED is NOT CUTTING RATES when everything is perfect, they are cutting rates to SAVE economy from melt down in Housing Market Collapse and Credit Crunch, the game with music chairs will begin. Rate Cuts are positive for Gold, Silver and Commodities I am expecting HUI and XAU - Gold and Silver mining companies to decouple from DOW, S&P and Nasdaq as it happen in 2002.
Positions PUT on DIA, SPY, FXI.

We have "Buy" on VXN: Volatily will rise with Tec melt down

Note MA50 is in "Bullish" cross of MA200, MACD at "Buy" and RSI is positive: Nasdaq Volatulity index is going higher. Positions PUT on QQQQ, AAPL, RIMM, GOOG, HHH, SMH

Rainy River RR.v Announces Correction to Option Exercise Price

"VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 1, 2007) - Nelson W. Baker, President and CEO of Rainy River Resources Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:RR - News) announces a correction to yesterday's news release which stated that the Company has granted a total of 510,000 stock options to directors, officers, employees and consultants in accordance with the Company's stock option plan. Each option is exercisable into one common share of the Company for a period of two years at the price of $5.25, rather than $4.25 as was stated in yesterday's release. Any shares acquired upon exercise during the first 4 months of the term of the options will be subject to a hold period expiring on March 1, 2008."
Now it makes sense: latest Placement was at 5.2 CAD.
Infrastructure is there, grades are fine: this one will move from now on.