Thursday, February 03, 2011

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  We have been following Jim Puplava for years now in Gold and Silver and this is one of the best recent interviews on Peak Oil subject, which is very frequent topic of his discussions.

"We have another economist and a prominent money manager joining the voices about looming Oil Shock, and the consequences it will herald for the world's economy. We  have been following Puru Saxena for a number of years now, and he is a frequent guest on Jim Puplava's Financial Sense. He is based in Hong Kong and always provides a sense of economic wisdom and in-depth understanding of the world economic and monetary system, he is an outspoken advocate of the big-picture-view on the challengers facing the global economy with its rising population, new emerging powers and the value of hard assets during the inflation stage of the post crisis recovery. 
  Jim Puplava has been talking about energy issues and Peak Oil situation for years and we are very encouraged to see his personal transformation: that he is becoming more and more vocal on the future of Electric Cars. At his recent show, he was in discussion with Sheldon Inventash from PineTree Capital about the Lithium and Rare Earths markets again and made his most confident observation up to that date - that Electric Cars will be "the future to go".
  Jim Puplava, Puru Saxena and James Dines - the other long standing Bull on Uranium and Rare Earths - are all very powerful force in investment world and they have a very wide following among retail and professional investors.
  We have been following them all during all these years of the Gold and Silver Bull markets and are very encouraged by their views on the next powerful Bull markets based on "Electrification of our Transportation System", when Lithium and Rare Earths will become the driving force in the commodity space of truly strategic metals which will be vital for the future technological transformation."

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