Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Lukas Lundin's NGeX Resources is on fire today ngq.to, lun.to, czx.v, tnr.v, cuu.v, bwr.to, cs.to, imn.to, ncu.to, tko.to, wrn.to, qux.to, rio, bls.to, tck

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"Now we have an idea why Lukas Lundin was buying his  own "Global Exploration Vehicle" stock in the market recently - NGeX Resources added to its Gold, Silver and copper properties Potash in Erirea.
"Lukas will be again in a very favorable position after these very tough few years for the company. He can and should use his currency - shares in the company above CAD10.0 to buy another companies with sizable projects at still undervalued valuations among juniors. He should definitely, in our opinion, to study well opportunities for acquisition in CIBC report. His another company - NGeX Resources is a part of that M&A list with its properties in Argentina, Chile, Africa and Canada is moving up nicely in price these days as well. TNR Gold has a few J/V projects with NGeX Resources in Argentina. Lukas Lundin was buying recently NGeX Resources in the market."

"NGeX Resources - Another of our Summer Picks is wakening up now. Lukas Lundin's Global exploration Play NGeX Resources is finally making some progress in the market place and stock is ready to follow. The recent J/V deal with Teck Resources gave the share price a nice boost of confidence, but stock is still only a shadow of what it once was, with the portfolio of properties and very high expectations in Suramina Resources, Canadian Gold Hunter and Sanu Resources, which were all combined to constitute NGeX Resources.           
  NGeX resources has a number of J/V projects with our another Top Pick - TNR Gold, which is spiced by Lithium and REE in plus to its Gold and Copper projects. It is a very small world of quality names in resource exploration and development companies and Lukas Lundin is involved in our Chinese M&A story in Canada as well: Lundin Mining has a position in Canada Zinc Metals.
  The major asset in all Lundin companies is Mr Lukas Lundin himself and we think that this company now lacks his determination and charisma - recent CEO is not even close to what shareholders were taking for granted with Lukas. The company is very shy now of any promotion or even telling its story properly to the market place.
  With all that said, it could be the best buying opportunity again: the stock is under the radar screens at the moment. Recent drill results are coming from getting hot Eritrea in Africa. You can see the core pictures here. Lukas was always famous in trading political risk for exploration one. Eritrea had its own bad moment after the crisis with UN sanctions and lack of political stability, but Nevsun Resources is making its way with mine development now and all other juniors involved in that country seems to be following moving to the upside:"

NGeX presentation.
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