Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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  With first Electric Cars hitting our roads it is very important to educate potential customers about this new product. As you remember, we are in the camp of wild enthusiasts and think that the adoption rate for Electric Cars will rival the ones of iPod and iPhone.
"It is not the American consumers' job to know what they want next" Steve Jobs.

  It is happening for real now and business on the ground level will start to push these ideas, consumers are ready - Inflation is hitting headlines everywhere, Peak Oil graduated from conspiracy theory to the President Obama admission and new budget is pushing debt snowball further down the road, but provides incentives for Electric Cars.

"Now is the education time for the consumers, Peak Oil revelations from Wikileaks and Egypt eruption should finally point us all in the right direction - we have to run fast into the Lithium Age. Post carbon society will be all about Food, Electric Mobility and fight for resources which are left in the ground."
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