Friday, February 11, 2011

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   This is the way to go. Now it has started for real. All revolutions are happening in the hearts first and than on the streets, where the real people live. This Electric Mobility revolution is moving fast - we do not need any permission from DC and any encouragement for that matter - we always try to preach economics and common sense, but who can calculate freedom and clean air for our kids? This will be the real kicker for this market and once people will realize that they can break free from Oil servitude they will make the right choice.

"What the Way To Go. If you have a disturbing feeling these days that something is going very wrong in our lives, you are not alone and may be very right in your unsettling thoughts. Arizona shooting, Wars for Oil, Economy, Housing, Jobs - despite all of it we are still enjoying society, which is functioning more or less, not perfectly, but at least with some sense and illusion of choice. 

  It all could be gone very fast, the entire fabric of our society will be teared apart - it will be not even like the last financial crisis, which had the horrifying experience for all of us - there is point of no return in this coming one: Energy Collapse. You can not bail out Energy Supply, print more Oil to drive, to plant, to feed, to move, to produce. You even need Oil to move to the Alternative Energy and Post Oil Society and we have not even started. Question is how are we going to survive - all 7 billion of us soon to be on this planet?

  We are out of politics, but need to follow it in order to understand and adjust our strategy. If we can change anything - we will give you the choice and right to decide. 
  Some disturbing minds, corrupted by power, will find in these projected population numbers the roots for the new hatred and will try to justify new wars - we will suggest that you can make the other choice and not let to decide for you all over again.
  There is the way - we are sure, and one first step we are doing here now is with the Electric Cars. We call it the Green Mobility Revolution, not because we warning about violence, connected with every revolution, but because we do not have luxury any more for evolution in our approach. If we start 20 years in advance to transform our society to post carbon society - maybe we will have the chance, maybe it is already too late, but it is worth a try...

  Financial mess, we are in right now, is just the first call - it will bring inevitable even faster: our 
Energy diet is unsustainable any more, our way of life is unsustainable..."

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