Monday, February 28, 2011

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   What could be more encouraging for investors in Lithium than Oil companies moving into the space?   We should always watch Japan for the future energy trends, that country imports all of its oil and knows what it means to live with expensive fuel.

  "We have these days report after report on Peak Oil situation, President Obama and Energy Secretary Chu admits the dear situation and promote Electric Cars. Now we have reports coming out on Strategic Commodities: Lithium and Rare Earths, which will be the materials basis for the transition into the post carbon society.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

JX Nippon Oil To Make Lithium Ion Battery Material

TOKYO (Nikkei)--JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp. said Monday that it will produce a negative-electrode material for lithium ion batteries with major South Korean oil company GS Caltex Corp.
The JX Holdings Inc. (5020) unit and its partner plan to invest roughly 1 billion yen each to build a factory at the site of their existing South Korean joint venture, Power Carbon Technology Co., by the end of March 2012.
The new factory is expected to kick off production in July of next year, producing the negative-electrode material from coke made at a JX Nippon Oil refinery in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Output will be sold to Japanese and South Korean producers of lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles as well as other customers. The factory is expected to have an annual production capacity of about 2,000 tons.
Power Carbon Technology, which makes a carbon material for storage batteries, aims to lift its sales to 4 billion yen by 2014 with the new product.
For JX Nippon Oil, the new joint venture furthers its efforts to diversify earnings sources in response to declining gasoline demand.
(The Nikkei March 1 morning edition)"
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