Thursday, January 06, 2011

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  Asia is taking Electric Revolution very seriously - today we have a very interesting development in Seoul: Electric Bus with lithium battery with 50 miles range in the mountainous location. Recharging time is 30 minutes - it must be the fast charging. Plan is to replace half of Seoul buses with electric ones.
  It is one of the steps among other all Asia-Pacific region is taking today towards its post carbon future.

  After groundbreaking revelations from International Energy Agency this year, we know why Chinese are so keen on implementing their state-level plan for electrification of their transportation system. Why do we not hear about it on every corner now?  It is another question...

  Access to Strategic Commodities: Lithium and REE - will be the next game in town to make this transition from Oil to Electricity in mobility possible to happen on the mass scale.

"It s hard to overstate the growing importance of China in global energy markets. Our preliminary data suggest that China overtook the United States in 2009 to become the world's largest energy user...Prospects for further growth remain strong, given that China;s per-capita consumption level remains low, at only one-third of the OECD average, and that it is the most populous nation on the planet, with more than 1.3 billion people."
Just notice, please, Crude Oil: fields yet to be found - it is the political way to say Shortage of Oil. "Fields to be found" will require years to be put into production if and when they are actually found.

"The admissions about Peak Oil from IEA are groundbreaking for Energy Security, Electric Cars mass market and strategic commodities - it is the same magnitude of change as an invitation from the World Bank to discuss Gold standard - the real messages are still muted among different facts, but they are there, in the report from IEA! Unbearable truth must be impossible to hide any more - when will we start to act with the same scale as the problem we are facing in the nearest future?

"Those trashing Obama do know that it could be much worse - we guess that we are even closer to the real revelation of the Energy Short Squeeze, starting with liquid fuels and our politicians are preparing us now for this Oil Shock." 

Another surprise came with an endorsement to the Electric Cars from IEA: "Advanced vehicles will also have to make rapid gains in the coming years-to levels in the upper reaches of what most analysts believe is possible. By 2035, the IEA says that not only will 70 percent of new worldwide vehicle sales will have to come from advance technology plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles, but that that those cars will need to run mostly on electricity generated from nuclear and renewable sources rather than fossil fuels."
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