Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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 It looks like BMW has found the definition of Cool Electric Car!

We guess that now idea about Electric iCar is taken by BMW? When Apple will strike back?

"We need to make Electric Cars cool to drive and this event will help us all. We always need someone to lead us and to make it cool and fashionable and accepted by the crowd. And the most interesting part here - we are ready to pay the top buck to reach this social status of feeling part of this something...which is Cool. If we can only recruit Steve Jobs to make Electric Cars the Real Thing with iCar from Apple!"

  BMW was slow to adopt Electric Dreams for its portfolio, but now would like to take the Lithium Space by storm. BMW i is Sustainable Premium Mobility and it is Born Electric! Germans will bring necessary quality to this sector, when Electric Cars will stand for quality and reliability and if BMW can translate its famous drive into the Electric Cars these babies will be an instant hit on the market.

BMW i8 – an Icon of Progress

All investors in Electric Cars, Lithium and REE should listen to this press conference and BMW view on Premium Market for EVs.

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