Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Obama's 2012 Budget with Lithium Charge: clean diesel and fuel cell funding cut, electric cars get a boost tnr.v, czx.v, alk.ax, lmr.v, tsla, rm.v, nup.ax, srz.ax, usa.ax, jnn.v, abn.v, res, mcp, avl.to, quc.v, cee.v, sqm, fmc, roc, li.v, wlc.v, clq.v, lit, nsany, byddf, gm, dai, rno.pa, hev, aone, vlnc

   This budget will bring the record deficit to the U.S. - over the next years another 7 trillion of debt will be added to already existing 14 trillion as of today. Some are estimating that the total obligations of U.S. Corp now are over 150 trillion dollars. There is no easy solutions or any solutions for that matter other than to debase the US Dollar. Inflation is the name of the game - at least we have the move into the right direction with Electric Cars and Lithium and Rare Earths become the Strategic Commodities for the 21st century officially now.

"We have already a rumping inflation in developing world in places like China, India and Brazil - but they have growth and should they allow their currencies appreciate against US Dollar this could be manageable. In UK we are talking about consumer being now between the rock and the hard place - prices are rising and most notable Gas is at all-time-high now above 1.3 pounds per liter - and BOE will have to raise the rates to keep us its mandate to keep inflation at 2%. This last favour to the FED will be very costly in the end to the UK economy and it just keep denial about the real strategy implemented by the FED: to inflate the debts out. Problem in that "perfect plan" is Oil, which is already at 100 $/b for brent at the moment when there is "no inflation risk" according to Mr Bernanke."

"Retire Fund: All indications are that, by 2020, auto companies will be manufacturing more EVs and hybrid Electric vehicles, than gas powered cars. Certainly, that is the case for China, India and Europe.  America will trail this world changing development.  It will eventually be brought into the lithium economykicking and screaming, but resigned to what the rest of the world is already doing. 

Rather than placing bets on which of the hundreds of labs around the world will develop the best battery, best technology or the most stable catalyst in its uses, I have been placing my money on the producers of lithium, specifically, the small and mid tier group that for the past two years have staked the best lithium properties around the world."


Under pressure to remove billions of dollars from the annual budget, the Obama administration has released a plan that ends funding for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's clean-diesel grants and the Energy Department's hydrogen fuel-cell program. Electric transportation, on the other hand, is seen to benefit with a move to turn the current $7,500 tax credit into a point of purchase rebate.

The proposed 2012 budget also plans to steer funds away from traditional energy company tax breaks into funding to help reach the goal of one million plug-in cars by 2015 in coordination with the effort to double the amount of energy generated from "clean" sources by 2035.

As you might expect, the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association is not happy with the move and has already issued a statement asking Congress to reopen the cash sluice gate. Last year's fuel cell spending allotment at the Energy Department was $49 million.

The decision to axe the clean-diesel program might be seen as more controversial since its effects were more short-term. That effort saw older diesel buses, trucks and construction vehicles retro-fitted to clean up their emissions. It had $80 million budgeted last year and had just been authorized to receive an additional $500 million over the next five years.

We're pretty sure not everyone will be pleased by this all-eggs-in-one-basket approach, but the proposal still has to go through Congress and could possibly change. We're also just as sure not everyone will agree with any changes at all..."
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