Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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  This is the real start of the Electric Car revolution - when Electric Cars are becoming day to day reality for the Americans. In this video we have Ford Transit Connect Electric and GM Volt hits mainstream dealerships now as well.

  "Electric cars you can buy, soon. It is very interesting that GM Vot and Fisker Karma do not qualify to be called an Electric Car according to CNET CarTechBlog. We would definitely expand this list to Plug Ins as well. 
  More comprehensive overview of the Electric Cars market can be found atPlug In America

"Obama urges to end our addiction to Oil. Some of the very important messages were almost missed during Christmas preparations last year - Peak Oil is here and now is acknowledged by authorities. What else do we need to act, before Panic of Oil Shock will confirm messages from Obama and Steven Chu?

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