Tuesday, February 01, 2011

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  Tesla Model S will be the game changer for Electric Cars - we hope it will be soon on the roads!

"Numbers provided by Tesla for Model S are so impressive, compare to other automakers, that we will be worrying now, whether they can actually deliver this specification at the announced price "starting from 49,000 after rebate" - even if we assume that it will be the basic battery package for 160 miles range. Delivery is expected now in 2012 - we will start to monitor the situation and stock performance from now."

"Tesla Roadster has redefined the image of Electric Cars, Model S could redefine the Electric Cars mass market - by being the magnet, which will attract buyers in all EV market segments. The most important for us here is that Model S is on track and even existing Roadster, which is not a an affordable Electric Car by any stretch of imagination, is making Tesla's top line grow.

Catalyst to watch:

1. Toyota RAV4 EV at Los Angeles Auto Show.
2. New partnerships on power-trains development - this line of business could be actually a real money maker in the nearest future.
3. Model S specs and pricing to be confirmed.

Tesla has made a very interesting vertically integrated business line with Panasonic supplying lithium cells for the batteries and the basis for mass market industrial battery production and Toyota providing a base for the mass market EV production cycle. Tesla can occupy the premium market segment in EVs, with higher margins, but still participate in volume productions of budget versions of EVs for the Electric Cars mass market."
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