Wednesday, February 09, 2011

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     We have Buy on Daily for Gold and Silver now. It is not the precise science, but rather the opportunity for the markets to develop the next move. It is in any case not an investment advise, as usual, but we would like to share this observation - let's see what will happen next...

"Our list here, which is for our and your own homework - if you like our ideas about the good time on the road - will be the following: TNR Gold, Goldstone Resources, Revett Minerals, Avino Silver, NGeX Resources, La Quinta Resources, Golden Band Resources, Fortuna Silver, Esperanza Silver, Mines Management, Bitteroot Resources, Max Resource, Copper Fox Metals, Cornerstone Resources, Kootenay Gold, Yamana Gold, Bravo Gold, Bravada Gold, Almaden Minerals, Sunridge Gold.
  Most of these stocks have already enjoyed QE party and we had fun with the most of them after summer napping time, others are still in consolidation patterns and some are the clear underdogs - further investigation and DD in the management, properties and potential catalyst on the company level could show, who of them can have the next run."

  We guess that we can all relax now and continue to buy US the way FED becomes once of the largest holders of US Treasuries on par with China and Japan now. 
  We have just three small concerns with this perfect scenario of getting wealthy again - by printing money.

1. We still remember Maestro Greenspan with his "Fragmented Real Estate market, which can not be in a Bubble..."

2. Mr Bernanke assurances that the "Mortgage crisis is contained..." just before the Lehman collapse.

  Maybe we should all just send to FED our grocery bills every month - otherwise they can miss the picture again.


Feb. 9, 2011, 1:45 p.m. EST
Bernanke downplays U.S. inflation risk
Fed chief’s first House testimony since GOP reclaimed the chamber
By Greg Robb, MarketWatch

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke sought Wednesday to throw cold water on inflation jitters, saying home-grown pricing pressures aren’t a problem at the moment...more"
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