Sunday, February 06, 2011

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  As Ford says - "We will Leaf it alone...", but they can not really let it go... - we think that all new players in Electric Car space will make more good when they will all compete with CE cars and will not try to make the point who's Car is more electric than others or "More than just an Electric Car". It is much more difficult to convert non believers, to develop the new market and educate new consumers than just try to steal early adopters from each other. We hope that this market will mature very fast and its major players will graduate to the next stage as well.

"As with every new consumer product coming into our lives, there are a lot of questions about different issues regarding Electric Cars, and charging - is one of the most important.

"Electric Cars 2011The Banks' bailouts were first tested in UK. QE was openly discussed and implemented first across the pond as well. The UK is discussing Fuel Rationing now - is it the sign of things to come next? 
  At one point we will be just happy to drive any car - the Electric ones are not the worst choice, and they are getting better. Electric Cars are coming on the roads and utility companies are getting ready to charge them:"
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