Sunday, February 06, 2011

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   Now we can talk about strategic commodities Lithium and Rare Earths! Elon Musk: "All transportation is going to be electric, apart from rockets - cars, trains - pure electric, not hybrid. By 2020 majority of Cars produced in U.S. will be pure Electric Cars."

  When people like Elon Musk are taking in their capable hands the question of our survival in post carbon society we have a lot of faith that we can come out actually stronger out of this battle.

  "This Tesla Model S Electric Car is a piece of engineering art and it is quite a presentation on part of Mr Rawlinson from Tesla! With this kind of attitude and attention to the detail we can expect the beautiful car with remarkable performance."

Tesla Model S will be the game changer for Electric Cars - we hope it will be soon on the roads!


  "Numbers provided by Tesla for Model S are so impressive, compare to other automakers, that we will be worrying now, whether they can actually deliver this specification at the announced price "starting from 49,000 after rebate" - even if we assume that it will be the basic battery package for 160 miles range. Delivery is expected now in 2012 - we will start to monitor the situation and stock performance from now."

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