Friday, February 11, 2011

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  Ford managed to keep it rather low profile and now really hitting on the headlines with its electrification program. Company has now a full range of Electric Cars starting from Hybrids and up to the full Electric ones.

"There are just too many of us and West can not allow to consume 10-20 times more resources per capita than the rest of the world. The ugly truth is that we need Oil to get out of Oil. Net Energy will be the main matrix, when ethanol in U.S will be accounted at the proper article of expense - Election Primaries - and that this bribe will hit all of us with Food Inflation

  QE games will prove one more time to be the five most expensive in the investment world words: "It Is Different This Time" - Inflation is already here. Mark Faber talks about  5% - 8%. You can check your grocery bills to be sure. Look no further than UK - all QE games and banking bail out were done first there. Now UK is way above official target of 2% and some are projecting official 4% by the next year, Parliament commissions are holding discussion about Fuel Rationing. What else do we need to act?"

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