Monday, December 06, 2010

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  This is a very important move for the Electric Cars mass market. After GE has announced its program to purchase 25,000 Electric Cars and started electrification of the commercial fleet, we have Hertz Global EV which will open driving experience of electric cars for the mass market.  Thousands of people will be able to test drive different EVs in the real world. Nissan Leaf, GM Volt, Coda Sedan, Mitsubishi i-Miev, Smart Fortwo will get an exposure in New York and later across the U.S. in 2011. We are moving forward, finally, with Electric Cars hitting the roads.
  On the Hertz website we can see even Tesla Roadster! Pricing approach arranged by Hertz now could become a market maker here very fast:

"If you’re not familiar with Connect by Hertz, it’s essentially the rental car juggernaut’s answer to ZipcarFlexcar and other car sharing services. Users pay a fee, either monthly or annually, for access to a fleet of urban runabouts they can borrow for as little as $8.50 an hour. Using a car with a cord won’t cost you any more than the gasoline models."

"Catalyst: This year we have a staggering number of reports and warnings on the looming Peak Oil Situation. It takes time for reality to settle in, particularly, when nobody knows what to do with it. We have put REE in the headline and only few months ago we would have to explain, what is it all about - now suddenly everybody is talking about REE and stocks involved in Rare Earths are all making new highs. It takes a crisis for us to realise that fundamentals are driving the real trends. Sudden realisation that China controls more than 90% of REE market and their reserves maybe will last only for another twenty years, created the catalyst in the market place. What will it take to realise that we are running out of cheap oil? Another crisis?
  We are talking here about the powerful mega trend Inflation multiplied by Peak Oil situation - we have to move and readjust our society. Our Energy diet is not sustainable any more. We are lucky in a sense that there is technology available to us to survive the Oil Shock if we will all move fast - Electric Cars. It is our Next Big Thing and at the heart of this disruptive technology lie strategic commodities: REE and Lithium."

  The sector is very small - now is the time to find and pick up value among the hype, backed by strong  shareholders and based on solid portfolio of Lithium and REE properties. Headlines from China, Jim Puplava and James Dines are moving REE into the mainstream in the investment space now and Lithium will get its recognition one day as well. Only few companies left without strategic investors in the sector, when even only this catalyst can bring the transformation to the junior from a holding company into actively pushing into production developer. It will bring multiples to the dormant valuation.

  We will provide some links for the further homework here:

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