Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lithium Drive: Renault Gives Spark to Electric Revolution rno.pa tnr.v, rm.v, lmr.v, alk.ax, tsla, sqm, fmc, roc, lit, li.v, wlc.v, clq.v, res.v, ree, avl.to, nsany, f, gm, rno.pa, dai, byddf, hev, aone, vlnc

  Renault, partner of the Nissan, is pushing its way in electric space now in UK. The most interesting here is the approach on pricing - Electric Car from Renault after government incentives will be priced at the level of the similar car with petrol or diesel engine. The kicker for EV adoption in Europe could be in Renault's battery lease - you will pay 60-70-80 pounds in UK per month and all battery troubles will be on the automaker side. The idea is that, again, for the average driver total cost per month for battery lease and electricity will be the same as for petrol or diesel at this pricing level. It is important to remember that gas prices in Europe are already twice as high as in U.S. With rising Oil prices EV driver will feel the difference, EV's low servicing cost will contribute to the total favorable ownership cost of EV in Renault's market approach.

"Finally, we are moving into the right direction and GE with its purchase of 25000 EVs is giving the robust start to electrification of commercial fleets. There are 16 million Fleet Vehicles and adoption rate among them can be much faster than for the consumer market - it is the mass market for electric cars on its own only in the U.S.! 
  This development could be a real jump start for the all EV industry. You can find all Top 50 commercial fleets in US in the Roadmap and if GE EV initiative will be joined by corporations like AT&T, UPS, Verizon, Comcast,  FedEx, Pfizer and Coca - Cola among others  we will have our EV revolution happening very fast. "
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