Monday, October 12, 2015

Volkswagen, DieselGate And What If Nazi Ruled The World?


  It is not about hard working brilliant engineers and workers at Volkswagen in Germany and all over the world. And it is a rhetorical question. You already live in that world. Let's start with the definition:

Nazi - a member of National Socialist German Workers' Party 

  The fat cats in the boardrooms have let us all down again. The key word here is Nationalism. It was not really about socialism or workers, it was about the control of masses and the grand idea. Idea was simple: that one nation can be better than others and, as we all know, it can take you quite a long way with the stretch of the evil imagination. We live in the world when some people have decided that they are better than others. We will not go as far as discussing Brothers and other "conspiracy theories" today, but let's just have a look at the corporate world. 
  It is all about Nationalism (Your Corporation), Control and Punishment if you are out of line. Living from cheque to cheque is not helping to built up your independence. This is why there is a War on the middle class in the West. Independent people are dangerous to the System by definition. Here comes Debt and slavery to the banks by generations only to pay off the ticket just to get on the ladder of the "American Dream". 
  All major corporate crimes can be committed only when the masses are silent being busy digesting fast food with video games and Facebook "friends". Or deeper: when corporate slavery affects you own perspective from the cubicle so much that you think that it is Not Evil any more.
  This is what happened at Volkswagen. This is what happening with Fracking and GMO. They all affect literally billions of people on our planet. It is a corporate mass murder sanctioned by the corrupt politicians. Now we know about Volkswagen and it is already growing into the DieselGate, when nobody of auto-makers really is in compliance with toxic emissions limits. The next is coming the AutoGate, when ALL cars are emitting deadly pollutions at much higher levels than we all have thought. 
  And we are not talking about the socialism in any cense here, it is just the problem that we do not have capitalism in the West as well. We are not against corporations, but the corrupted HFT version of the wild corporate capitalism now is pushing more and more young people to the nihilism and socialism is on the rise in the West again. Evil minds will get into power driving the desperation again. But we are out of politics and, thanks God, we have the solution now. 
  Let's stop talking and let's start walking. But walking to the Solution - not just ban all the cars, get in the communes again and read with a candle. No, we do not have to do it any more, despite of Fossil Fuel corporate propaganda. Finally technology has made it possible not only to preserve "our way of life", but make it better without sacrificing anything or, what is even more important, anyone.
  If somebody in Power does really want it, we have all technology and solutions available now. If somebody in Power was allowed by the Corporations who paid her ticket there - we have all the money to make it. Just take all costs of all Wars - yes, they all about Control of Energy and Oil means Energy to us even now. Add here all Trillions in tax breaks and subsidies provided to Fossil Fuel Industries. Nuclear will go here as well. Add all billions wasted on Hydrogen - it will be controlled by the same Old Big Oil, we will not even talk about the very low energy efficiency of full Energy cycle of Hydrogen To Wheel today. Add here all medical bills for cancer and other chemical pollution related deceases. It will be enough for a very good and fast start to the race into the post carbon world!
  Invest this money into Electric Cars, Solar and Wind. Put trucks on the natural Gas first and Hybrids later. Move to the real Energy Security with distributed Solar and Wind power generation. Close all coal plants and nuclear as well. Use the Sun: Solar and Wind power costs are dropping like a stones now, why do we have to live still in the stone age in cages provided by Big Oil and Fossils? It was supposed to be over - the stone age, and not due to the lack of stones, we have the technology to make it without burning fossil fuels now.
  Maybe now we have a chance, finally, with all our social media? Do not hold your breath thou. There is a Kill Switch. Once you start talking about the real things, censors are here: you are just getting lost - so far so good, it is only in the social media. And it is not in China or with Putin, it is here on Twitter …
 Snowden is trending with his latest revelations how "They" can take over your iPhone. "They" will take over everything if you allow it! And the last thought on social media: we have multiple choices now, but just check the quality and what kind of message do you get from all those multiple streams. It is great that you can chose, but than again GMO is claiming its victims …
  Why is it so long? Because the time has come. Other people will make the choice for you as usual. We are not talking here about poor asylum seekers or millions of refuges displaced by Wars for Oil. We are talking about you driving Range Rover to the school where your kids are breathing toxic cancerogenic air from thousands of other cars around them. Where is your rage, are you mad as hell for all of them lying to us? At least for your kids? No, don't take guns, do not vote for socialist or even do not stop to drive. Just bring change, demand it, talk about it, donate your RT! Vote with your wallet. When you can buy your electric car. Stop buying all that killing us rubbish. Just do not let "Them" decide for you again and raise 70% toxic emissions standards in order that auto-makers can comply with it!
  And it is not your choice any more, The big pain is coming. Lithium Technology is here to change our world. Elon Musk will not make it all alone. We have to push our society to accept this disruption and stop burning fossil fuels to produce our energy. We have to have our "Manhattan plan" to make it.
  China is rising and it has the military plan to build electric cars as strategic industry. It is great … for China, what about us? Do you know that Lithium Battery was developed in the West? It was commercialised by SONY in 80s and now South Korea is the leading manufacturer with Samsung and LG Chem. But China already controls 75% of Lithium Hydroxide which goes into Tesla batteries and they are moving very fast with their own Megafactories to rival Tesla with its Gigafactory to produce lithium batteries on the mass scale. The pain is coming, you can't stop it. Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) will be dying with Fossil Fuels. It is just law of nature. Electric Cars are better and they will become cheaper as well  very soon. We can make it as a pain of growth, but who will make it?  All these jobs for The Next Industrial rEVolution could be here, not just going again to China. Germany with its brilliant engineers can produce batteries and electric cars and it can happen in every country. But they all need your help to change, what have you done lately?


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