Friday, February 18, 2011

Peak Oil: Lithium Drive: GM - Electric Cars are the Future gm, tnr.v, czx.v, lmr.v, rm.v,, sqm, fmc, roc, lit, li.v, wlc.v, clq.v, res.v, ree,, nsany, f, gm,, dai, byddf, hev, aone, vlnc

    All these new reports on Peak Oil from industry majors like Shell and Exxon will make the sale of GM Volt idea much easier. New lithium battery technology is at the heart of this revolution and it will be spreading fast. GM and Nissan both are struggling to deliver and meet demand of all early adopters who placed their orders now and it is e very good news for all of us.

"How to charge Gm Volt. It is not exactly rocket science, but a lot of people are wondering about the very basic Electric Cars issues. GM Volt is quite a piece of technology - a statement of engineering art on its own. Nissan Leaf as well...and pretty much any other Electric Cars and Hybrids for that matter and it is the very beginning of Electric Age.
  It is an educational time for the market, when consumers will realise that there are so many more benefits to driving experience and Electric Car than the ones they can think of now.
  Egypt on TV screens screams about Oil Age coming to an End - our recovery is too fragile to sustain the coming Oil Shock - we have the way out now and we can chose what to do next. At the certain level of Oil price all worries and concerns related to Electric Cars will be gone - you will be just happy to be able to drive."

"This is just getting serious day by day, it looks like WikiLeaks report about Saudi Arabia Oil Reserves was a tipping point and now all other parties start to talk about Peak Oil situation. President Obama and his administration have admitted it and Shell is talking about different scenarios to address coming shocks to the industry.

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