Thursday, December 09, 2010

US Dollar Collapse: Video: Quantitative Easing -- How Does it Work in the Real World? tnr.v,,, asm.v, ktn.v, cuu.v,,, btt.v,, gbn.v, abn.v, ura.v, lmr.v, laq.v, ssri, slv, slw,

   Very good videos for those who would like to understand FED backed FIAT monetary system in play. We will advise to start with another video on Bonds and QE, which will explain very vividly why every investor should care and where from we are making our conclusions on the Big Picture.

Do not forget to have fun and check out Video on JP Morgan Silver and QE manipulation explained.

If you are still wondering about US Dollar purchasing power - history can provide some insight below:

"Very well done video with clear explanation of the Treasuries and QE - if it is still too heavy and you need some annotation, just watch another video here, you will have fun! But back to business and today it was really busy in the Treasuries corner:

  Treasuries are getting toasted today and yields are rising all across the curve signalling higher rates, there is no buyers any more at these prices apart from FED - Treasury Bubble is bursting right before our eyes now. Why it is important - please revisit the our article posted just few days ago.

The art of modern economics turns into the pure magic now: how to make it enough for everybody, when there is not enough left.

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