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Interesting....Saga about the Mother of the Shot Squeeze continued...

Be careful with any investment decisions here, based purely on this cartoon, or a price tag for Silver or medical terms used - the most important message is that story is getting out into the public space and we are indeed at the tipping point now. After latest Jobs number QE 2.0 is already a history, time is to be ready for the QE n+1.

More on HSBC and JP Morgan accused of manipulating silver market:

"Story about market manipulations in gold and silver, about which gold bugs have been talking for years, makes its way into the mass media in Europe as well now. JP Morgan is an interesting party of this game - there are some reports that is holds one of the largest derivative books and some have even suggested that the bank was engaged in gold market manipulations to artificially suppress the gold price. We do not expect  earth shattering revelations from this trial - the all FIAT monetary system is a ponzi scheme - but hot heads will be more careful in the future.

If these accusations will be confirmed, the mere fact of such manipulation can drive Gold and Silver prices much higher - buyers will demand the physical delivery of both metals. As Warren Buffett has put it - "When the tide will be gone - we can see who stays without the trunks". Silver market just can not provide delivery on all contracts including futures and ETF - it will be the Mother of Short Squeeze. Do not bet your farm on it, but we are moving into the right direction. We will address you to the Jim Puplava and his interviews with Erick Sprott and David Morgan.

Silver and Gold in the ground - Junior mining companies with solid projects will be the next game in town now. M&A activity will drive valuations in this sectors.

Today's call - from the World Bank "to debate the return of the Gold Standard" - we are finding just fascinating and it would be unbelievable just a few months ago. We can expect some tree shaking and corrections now in Gold and Silver markets, but they will only provide more buying opportunities to those who seeks ones.

"Gold will be go much higher from here, it will not be the straight line, but every set back will provide an investment opportunity in Gold and Silver space. We will share with our thoughts and companies we like and you will be cautioned to make your own DD as usual."

At the moment of writing this video had 3,289,92 viewers.

 Another good message on QE from Rick Santelli...on CNBC

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