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Looks like we are going to have one more out of a very few pure Silver games in town, where mutual funds will be allowed to invest and get their exposure to the Silver market - it is very interesting development from Revett Minerals. Backing from Silver Wheaton makes all the difference in this story as well.

"Revett Minerals breaks to the upside on volume today. Liquidity is coming back into the junior mining sector and record Gold prices are driving attention to Silver, which is at 30 year high. Now, after confirmation of Gold bull market, Silver will advance its way outperforming Gold with Inflation coming into the market place with every freshly printed Treasury Bill.

"Gold bears always mention Silver non-confirmation of the recent Gold Bull Run - and they are right up to the certain point. Gold performs its function as a real wealth preservation in both Inflationary and Deflationary environments. Silver, with its industrial usage in electronics, needs more conviction that the FED will win its battle against Deflation Death Spiral and Inflation will be in the headlines for years to come. It is time for us to write up on our Silver squad from our Summer 2010 Top Picks.

We will start today with Revett Minerals - one of survivors of 2008 Hedge Fund Junior Market Crash. With Revett Minerals you have a potential to bet on Silver multiplied by company's advance with Rock Creek mine permit. This story has its own history, but silver is still safely stored in the ground and any advance further in this project development will bring a very high leverage to the future Silver move in the market. When insiders are putting money into this story we have more comfort with this situation as in all our other bullish stories and Silver Wheaton investment to preserve its stake is a very good indication of its bet on this developing story. We had a very nice ride on Silver Wheaton, as you remember, it is time to test their investment skills."

"If these accusations will be confirmed, the mere fact of such manipulation can drive Gold and Silver prices much higher - buyers will demand the physical delivery of both metals. As Warren Buffett has put it - "When the tide will be gone - we can see who stays without the trunks". Silver market just can not provide delivery on all contracts including futures and ETF - it will be the Mother of Short Squeeze. Do not bet your farm on it, but we are moving into the right direction. We will address you to the Jim Puplava and his interviews with Erick Sprott and David Morgan.

Silver and Gold in the ground - 
Junior mining companies with solid projects will be the next game in town now. M&A activity will drive valuations in this sectors.

Today's call - from the World Bank "to debate the return of the Gold Standard" - we are finding just fascinating and it would be unbelievable just a few months ago. We can expect some tree shaking and corrections now in Gold and Silver markets, but they will only provide more buying opportunities to those who seeks ones."

2010-11-17 12:30 ET - News Release

Mr. John Shanahan reports


Revett Minerals Inc. will consolidate (reverse stock split) its common shares on a one-to-five basis. The consolidation will be effective for trading purposes on Nov. 19, 2010.

Shareholders voted in favour of a share consolidation at the annual and special meeting held on June 16, 2010, giving the board authority to implement a share consolidation. The board decided to implement the share consolidation for the purpose of seeking a stock exchange listing in the United States. The company will remain listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Following the consolidation, the total issued and outstanding common shares of the company is 32,421,636 basic and 36,069,436 fully diluted.

A letter of transmittal is being mailed to registered shareholders today. Registered shareholders wishing to receive a new share certificate evidencing their postconsolidation shares must complete the letter of transmittal and follow the instructions contained in the letter of transmittal. Shareholders owning shares through a broker or other nominee will have their positions automatically adjusted and will not be required to take any action in connection with the share consolidation.

Revett recently announced third-quarter earnings of two-U.S.-cents per share from the generation of $4.2-million (U.S.) operating cash flow from the Troy mine. The company has also recently announced completion of its debt restructuring program and is now free of corporate debt.

John Shanahan, president and chief executive officer, stated, "The stock exchange listing that we are pursuing in the United States marks the completion of our corporate restructuring efforts and paves the way for us to reach a broader base of institutional and retail investors while complimenting our current TSX listing."

We seek Safe Harbor."

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