Saturday, January 29, 2011

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  It is not exactly rocket science, but a lot of people are wondering about the very basic Electric Cars issues. GM Volt is quite a piece of technology - a statement of engineering art on its own. Nissan Leaf as well...and pretty much any other Electric Cars and Hybrids for that matter and it is the very beginning of Electric Age.
  It is an educational time for the market, when consumers will realise that there are so many more benefits to driving experience and Electric Car than the ones they can think of now.
  Egypt on TV screens screams about Oil Age coming to an End - our recovery is too fragile to sustain the coming Oil Shock - we have the way out now and we can chose what to do next. At the certain level of Oil price all worries and concerns related to Electric Cars will be gone - you will be just happy to be able to drive.

"Jim Puplava has been talking about energy issues and Peak Oil situation for years and we are very encouraged to see his personal transformation: that he is becoming more and more vocal on the future of Electric Cars. At his recent show, (the discussion with Sheldon Inventash from PineTree Capital) he once again discussed the Lithium and Rare Earths markets again and made his most confident observation up to date - that Electric Cars will be the future to go.
  Jim Puplava, Puru Saxena and James Dines - another long standing Bull on Uranium and Rare Earths - are the very powerful force in investment world and they have a very wide following amongst retail and professional investors.
  We were following them all during all these years of the Gold and Silver Bull markets and are very encouraged by their views on the next powerful Bull markets based on "Electrification of our Transportation System", when Lithium and Rare Earths will become the driving force in the commodity space of truly strategic metals for the future technological transformation.

"President Obama: "We have Apollo projects of our time...We can become the first country to have 1 million Electric Cars by 2015...I have asked Congress to eliminate billions of tax payer dollars we currently give to  Oil companies, instead of subsidising yesterday's energy lets invest in tomorrow's"
U.S. Energy Secretary Dr. Steven Chu - the main message: "We expect Oil prices to be higher..." "Another Race now is the Electric Cars and Electrification of our transportation system"
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