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 The difference this time - in the 3rd Energy Crisis - is that we will not be able to open the Oil Tap. "Peak Oil is not a Theory - it is inevitability." Who would like to live with their basic right taken away - the freedom of movement? The crucial part is that in order to move to Post Carbon society we need to use Oil in order to build alternative Energy Sources and Electric Cars.

"It is not exactly rocket science, but a lot of people are wondering about the very basic Electric Cars issues. GM Volt is quite a piece of technology - a statement of engineering art on its own. Nissan Leaf as well...and pretty much any other Electric Cars and Hybrids for that matter and it is the very beginning of Electric Age.
  It is an educational time for the market, when consumers will realise that there are so many more benefits to driving experience and Electric Car than the ones they can think of now.
  Egypt on TV screens screams about Oil Age coming to an End - our recovery is too fragile to sustain the coming Oil Shock - we have the way out now and we can chose what to do next. At the certain level of Oil price all worries and concerns related to Electric Cars will be gone - you will be just happy to be able to drive."


What Peak Oil?

For how long will we allow to the fat cats to distort our vision and prevent us all from necessary action?

(Authors mean no offence to these lovely animals - cat is, actually, in a very good shape)

  C.S. It is very interesting - University of California Davis becomes the mass media darling, finally, on Peak Oil issue and its crucial application to our lives in the nearest future. We have recently published Peak Oil 101 Explained: Geophysicist Kenneth Verosub, Distinguished Professor of Geology at the University of California, Davis. - one of the best presentations on Peak Oil with more information on this hot subject available here.
Engines of the Chevrolet Volt at a public exhi...Image via Wikipedia
  We will not join those who suggest to panic - that time has come in 2008 and is gone already - it is too late to panic. We need to put all resources together and move forward like China is doing now
  GE with its purchase of 25000 Electric Cars is the first, but very important step in electric cars mass market creation. 
  There is a technology available to us to preserve our way of life: Electric Cars - any shortcomings like price, range and others, written and posted on every corner by mass media under the light from the Kerosine lamps - will be nothing compare to Oil Shock and the matter of survival with Oil price above 100 USD/barrel again. Technology will deal with a lot of things: battery price, range, safety - Nissan Leaf and GM Volt are already on the streets today! U.S. grid, which needs modernisation by all means, even in its today's state can support recharging of 50 million EVs overnight. Start-Ups like DBM Energy from Germany can move our expectations from Lithium technology further even today - what would you say about 375 mile rage on one charge?

We need the political will for just a few things to put together: 

1. Government support with the State-Level electrification plan of transportation  - like China has now - we will be lucky just to catch on, particularly with the situation with REE and Lithium coming next
2. Corporate Peak Oil survival guide like the one implemented by GE and supported by others in order to address economy during stagflation, when profitability could be based on low electric cars operational cost; 
3. Nation-wide educational campaign to bring the awareness to the public about Electric cars. Here is the right time to drop a line about the fat cats and other animals from the Farm: Plug In America used volunteers to produce Electric Cars PSAs, with a budget of 160k - BP has spend millions buying search advertisement links during Oil Spill in The Gulf on Google.

  We are living in an insane time by all means measured by common sense, we have suggested once - that Deflationists are missing the point and General Bernanke, who is fighting our last war against Deflation, can print and send to the every household 1 million dollar bill tomorrow, erasing deflation as a definition during FIAT currency system and killing US Dollar value all together. We have called it: The End of Money: Why and How to invest in Lithium? It is coming, but it does not mean that there is nothing could be done - Mr Bernanke is chopping the wood anyway - just send more money to the productive part of the population."
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