Monday, November 15, 2010

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In order to understand this Next Big Thing and the fundamental shift in our society with coming Oil Shock and how we can deal with it, it is not enough only to study the Peak Oil situation, coming models of Electric Cars and draw your own conclusions about potential for the Electrification of our Transportation (Electric Cars Investment Manifesto from FedEx and Cisco Systems can help here). You need to understand the history, magnitude of investment and powerful force of people behind it with passion and dedication to make this technological advance and disruptive technology happen - Electric Cars

"It Will Take 131 Years To Replace Oil, And We've Only Got 10. We will not join those who suggest to panic - that time has come in 2008 and is gone already - it is too late to panic. We need to put all resources together and move forward like China is doing now
  GE with its purchase of 25000 Electric Cars is the first, but very important step in electric cars mass market creation. 
  There is a technology available to us to preserve our way of life: Electric Cars - any shortcomings like price, range and others, written and posted on every corner by mass media under the light from the Kerosine lamps - will be nothing compare to Oil Shock and the matter of survival with Oil price above 100 USD/barrel again. Technology will deal with a lot of things: battery price, range, safety - Nissan Leaf and GM Volt are already on the streets today! U.S. grid, which needs modernisation by all means, even in its today's state can support recharging of 50 million EVs overnight. Start-Ups like DBM Energy from Germany can move our expectations from Lithium technology further even today - what would you say about 375 mile rage on one charge?
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