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TNR Gold: Retire Fund: Junior Gold miners could be takeover targets as gold price heads toward $1500 oz. tnr.v,,, sgc.v, mgn, asm.v, ktn.v, epz.v, cgp.v,, rm.v, lmr.v, laq.v, gbn.v, bva.v, bvg.v,,,,, abn.v, jnn.v, ura.v, max.v

  We had a very interesting trading session yesterday in TNR Gold: More than 3 mil shares have been trading and somebody from one of the top Canadian investment banks - Canaccord was the buyer. Finally, something is going on with our Lithium top pick now, spiced with Gold and Copper.
  Buyers are coming in and International Lithium spin out must be closer - we hope that the final deal will pay for the waiting time here to all shareholders. On a technical side, recent low at 0.16CAD - if supported by the buyers - can make a double bottom and reverse the picture to the upside.
  Our Fellow blogger from Retire Fund has a very impressive record in Lithium space and we are glad to see him supporting the company. Value is there - TNR Gold management just needs to unlock it, but at the best valuation available at the moment when markets are supporting all investment plays with this stock: Lithium and REE, Gold and Copper.

Please, do not forget, that we own stocks we are writing about and have position in these companies. We are not providing any investment advise on this blog and there is no solicitation to buy or sell any particular company here. Always consult with your qualified financial adviser before making any investment decisions.

"Catalyst 2010.  Our Top Picks from Lithium Bull: Rest Before The Charge have already enjoyed a very active M&A season, out of the two - Rodinia Lithium has already secured strategic investor and only International Lithium left for dating now. Among the strategic suitors are the same faces - people with money vs others with debt.

"We have another deal in Lithium space - Rodinia Lithium has attracted strategic investment from Chinese Shan Shan. Last week Canada Lithium has announced investment with Black Rock affiliated company - big money managers and Lithium end users are coming into the sector now.
  Today first GM Volt is rolling off from the factory line and CNBC is on air from the GM to highlight this event all the day. Peak Oil revelations will bring more and more people to the realisation of the fact that Electric Cars are the way forward now. More than 6000 people test driven Chevy Volt during recent promotion sessions and many thousands more attended Nissan Leaf Test Drives all across the country.
  It is the very beginning, but this new trend can be changing our lives very fast - Electric Cars are coming on our drive ways now.
  In this light - of strategic importance of Lithium and REE for the new disruptive technology for the electrification of our transportation system - this transaction shows again that China and other asian countries are again way ahead of any North American corporations in realisation that secure supply of Lithium and REE will be the cornerstone of the post carbon economy.
   We are happy for the company and its shareholders, but only few Lithium projects left out there and majority of them have secured major strategic interests fromChinese, Japanese and Korean companies. Sadly, situation with REE did not provide lessons to anybody. Where are GE, GM, Ford, Corning, Dow, 3M, Boeing and Du Ponts of this world? Will we all be at the mercy of Lithium Opec one day?
  On our M&A radar screen here we have left only one company in Lithium space open for strategic partnerships - International Lithium Corp. to be spun out from TNR Gold. We hope that they are dating somebody interesting as well for their IPO."

Retire Fund:
Junior Gold miners could be takeover targets as gold price heads toward $1500 oz.
While Sarah Palin busies herself with TV shows about Alaska, Junior gold miners are staking claims from Alaska to the Yukon as Gold priceshead toward $1500 per oz and beyond.

Here we highlight one such stock, TNR Gold Corp.

Still a penny stock, TNR Gold Corp (TSX-TNR) (currently trading at .18 cents share) is certainly a speculative stock.  Having said that, I believe TNR is a sleeper in the junior mining space.

The consolidation and M & A activity over the next year, in the junior mining space, coupled with the drive for copper, gold, lithium and Rare Earth properties, by the larger players in those spaces, makes TNR a juicy morsel, if you are so inclined to speculate (which we have - long TNR)

(Below - Mariana Lithium Project, Salta, Argentina )


1. Shotgun-Winchester
2. Iliamna

See below
see below

see below

 Of significance for TNR, and for investors, is TNRs propensity to seek out promising properties in a number of precious metals such as Gold and Silver, as well as copper which are all in demand.

 Their Lithium and rare earth properties are certainly well positioned to take advantage of the second leg of the lithium boom which is still in its infancy.

The fact that TNR is spinning off a wholly owned subsidiary to develop its new gold property at Shotgun Ridge, Alaska (Amerigold Inc formerly Briston Explorations Inc.) is another indication that TNR intends to increase shareholder value. (Subsidiaries can be acquired by larger players who may be interested in the property)

Another case in point is TNRs spinning off of International Lithium Corp (ILC) to increase shareholder value in its lithium properties in Argentina (lithium brine properties) and in Nevada (lithium clay properties).

Shareholders will actually own this company if they already hold TNR shares as TNR will issue 1 share and 1 warrant of ILC for every 4 shares of TNR stock held by shareholders at the time of the spinnoff (which is somewhat behind schedule at this writing, but expected in the New Year).

 The Nevada properties, near Clayton Valley include

Fish Lake Valley,
Mud Lake
and Sarcobus Flats.

They are all good prospects for lithium extraction.

TNR also has a large, lithium pegmatite property in Leinster,Ireland as well as 5 lithium and Rare Earth properties in Canada which also show great promise.

The Canadian properties are at:Mavis LakeMoose 2Big Beaverhouse,  Niemi Lake, and Forgan Lake.



TNR Gold has 8 mining claims and projects in three provinces of Argentina, operated by TNR's wholly-owned subsidiary, Solitario Argentina S. A. ("Solitario") (See above)

  TNR's Eureka project is located in the Jujuy province while the others are located in San Juan and San Luis provinces.   The map does not really do justice to the large gold and copper stakes owned by TNR and operated by SAS.

TNR Gold Corp trades on the Toronto Venture Exchange, (TSX.v) under the symbol TNR.

It also trades in the U.S. (pink sheets) under the symbol TRRXF.

For more information, you can visit their website at: 
 Stock price: .18c
Market cap 22.6m
Shares outstanding 129.1m

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