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Lithium Therapy: Richard Mills: Dow/Gold & Summer Doldrums TNR.v, CZX.v, RM.v,, SGC.v,,, BVG.v, BVA.v,, BTT.v, VTR.v, MGN, CGP.v, WLC.v, CLQ.v, LIT, TSLA, LI.v,, HAO.v, ABN.v,

Even Lithium can not cure depression all the time: this summerwe have a lot of market worries and vacation time always puts some pressure on our favorite juniors. Mr Market gives us another opportunity and the time has come to pick up new samples for our collection. We have, one more time, just checked Warren Buffet: Buy when nobody wants.

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Now we have quite a few tasty juniors in the market for this exercise. Companies like Goldstone Resources, Sunridge Gold, NGeX Resources and Almaden Minerals, but with Almaden that time has past with announced results and the stock is up almost 100% from Nobody Wants Time...two weeks ago. You can never be sure which one will be next, but when the insiders are buying you have a few odds in your favour. Two other stocks that we are following here are particularly interesting from this point of view: TNR Gold and Canada Zinc Metals. TNR Gold is moving forward with its spin out of International Lithium corp. and its major shareholder has made another acquisition of shares just few weeks ago and Canada Zinc Metals is now trading more then 20% below of placement price announced by its Chinese major shareholder as well. Richard Mills in his article below gives a very good picture on summer junior market trade and a very important big picture view with Dow:Gold ratio. He is following TNR Gold with International Lithium as well on his website.

We hold stake in this company and nothing should be taken as an investment advise on this blog, as usual.

Dow/Gold & Summer Doldrums

Richard (Rick) Mills

Ahead of the Herd

As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information

Central banks money printing is out of control. The constant printing of all the world’s currencies is just another way for countries to default on their debt – the repayment of a creditor occurs using a currency whose purchasing power has been reduced. Gold’s price will continue, has to continue, too rise in value against all depreciating paper currencies.

For equity investors and speculators alike history shows us, time and again, the greatest leverage to gold’s rising price is owning gold exploration/development junior mining stocks. Will mainstream investors eventually catch on to the fact they need to own gold and to own gold shares?

The Dow on Gold’s terms:

• In 2000 gold made its $260 per ounce low

• January 2000 the Dow was 10,900

• 10,900 / $260 per ounce = 41.9 ounces to buy the Dow

• Today at 10,696 DJII and $1,204 gold it’s 8.8 oz to buy the Dow

This author believes that the first part – investors are catching on to the fact they need to own precious metals – is already happening and that part two, the buying of shares in companies involved in the search for and development of gold projects will not be too far behind.

Use Summer Doldrums to get Ahead of the Herd

During the summer months investment demand for junior precious metal company’s tends to be lethargic with volumes not picking up till post Labour Day - this slowdown happens most every year, it’s just traditionally a slow period of time hence the old saw “Sell in May and Go Away.” And this year has been no exception - junior precious metal shares weakened in the spring/summer. But if TSX.V volumes and precious metal equity prices follow the traditional path they will strengthen again in the fall.

And as long as gold’s secular bull remains intact – remember gold outperforms most other asset classes in both a deflationary or an inflationary environment - then precious metal stocks will have their day in the sun.

History shows, time and again, that August can provide an excellent buying opportunity for precious metal juniors, especially when, like now:

• Gold and silver equities were already trading at a discount to metal prices

• Summer doldrums have further weakened share prices

• The Dow/gold ratio is out of sync

• The gold/silver ratio traditionally is 15:1, today its 65:1


Declining confidence in government, markets and paper money is pushing gold toward a front and center mainstream media position.

"The gold story has been around for millennia, but is now attracting investment for thoroughly modern reasons. This month, we advance the thesis that none of the three major tradable currencies will regain its role as a prized store of value. Gold is moving from the shadows, where economists and politicians had consigned it, to center stage.” Don Coxe, founder Coxe Advisor

Junior gold/silver companies reporting good to great results regarding project acquisitions, sampling results, drill assays and having experienced management with tightly held, low, outstanding share counts should do well for their investors.

In my opinion now might very well be the perfect time to start accumulating select PM stocks – and this author has been a recent purchaser. At the very least junior precious metal company’s should be on every investor’s radar screen.

Are they on yours?

Richard (Rick) Mills

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