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  Finally, we are moving into the right direction and GE with its purchase of 25000 EVs is giving the robust start to electrification of commercial fleets. There are 16 million Fleet Vehicles and adoption rate among them can be much faster than for the consumer market - it is the mass market for electric cars on its own only in the U.S.! 
  This development could be a real jump start for the all EV industry. You can find all Top 50 commercial fleets in US in the Roadmap and if GE EV initiative will be joined by corporations like AT&T, UPS, Verizon, Comcast,  FedEx, Pfizer and Coca - Cola among others  we will have our EV revolution happening very fast.  
  We can take it as a part of our demanded 3 steps action plan:
"Corporate Peak Oil survival guide  like the one implemented by GE and supported by others in order to address economy during stagflation, when profitability could be based on low electric cars operational cost"
  Now it is up to the government - how badly does it really wants jobs and how is it going to survive the Oil Shock:
 "GE with its purchase of 25000 Electric Cars is the first, but very important step in electric cars mass market creation. There is a technology available to us to preserve our way of life: Electric Cars - any shortcomings like price, range and others, written and posted on every corner by mass media under the light from the Kerosene lamps - will be nothing compare to Oil Shock and the matter of survival with Oil price above 100 USD/barrel again. Technology will deal with a lot of things: battery price, range, safety - Nissan Leaf and GM Volt are already on the streets today! U.S. grid, which needs modernisation by all means, even in its today's state can support recharging of 50 million EVs overnight. Start-Ups like DBM Energy from Germany can move our expectations from Lithium technology further even today - what would you say about 375 mile rage on one charge?"

Electric Cars Investment Manifesto by FedEx and Cisco Systems:

Top CEOs including FedEx's Frederick W. Smith Unveil Plan for 16 Million Fleet Vehicles, Discuss Current State of Electrification Efforts
WASHINGTONNov. 15, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The business leaders of the Electrification Coalition gathered inWashington, DC, today to discuss the state of legislation designed to deploy electric vehicles and infrastructure and to release the Fleet Electrification Roadmap, a comprehensive analysis of the business case for electric-drive technology adoption among the more than 16 million commercial, corporate, and government fleet vehicles in the United States.  The release event can be watched via live webcast beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, November 15, at, and the full Fleet Electrification Roadmap will be available for download at the same time at
"Since the Electrification Coalition was formed one year ago, we have made enormous progress in moving electric vehicles to the forefront of the nation's energy policy conversation," Coalition Member Frederick W. Smith, Chairman, President, and CEO of FedEx Corporation, said.  "Our main focus continues to be the promotion of a comprehensive policy framework for accelerating consumer adoption of PHEVs and EVs.  But it is important to consider all of the applications where electric drive technology makes sense, and what we have found is that the case is very strong for a number of fleet applications over the next five years. Fleet electrification alone will not solve our pressing energy security challenges, but by bringing costs down, it will provide a critical boost to the consumer electric vehicle market."
The Fleet Roadmap is geared toward demonstrating targeted opportunities in which the lower operating costs of electric drive vehicles, coupled with the operational norms of commercial and government fleets, could make adoption of PHEVs and EVs highly attractive.  The report includes a detailed examination of commercial and government fleets, highlighting common practices that could make them significant early adopters of EVs and PHEVs.  The Fleet Roadmap also identifies the most significant technological challenges facing fleet operators, and recommends targeted public policies to help overcome those challenges, including:
  • Tax credits for light-duty PHEVs and EVs deployed in fleets
  • Tax credits for medium- and heavy-duty PHEVs and EVs
  • Clean renewable energy bonds for infrastructure
  • Guarantee of residual value for the first generation of lithium-ion batteries
  • Federal fleet electrification, including the Postal Service
  • The Fleet Roadmap also presents the results of detailed total cost of ownership modeling for PHEVs and EVs in fleet applications for a number of industries.  The analysis suggests that with targeted, temporary policies in place, fleet adoption of PHEVs and EVs could result in a cumulative 200,000 vehicles on the road by 2015.
PRTM, a global management consulting firm, partnered with the Electrification Coalition to provide the electric vehicle market analysis, technical input and life cycle cost modeling for the Fleet Electrification Roadmap.
The Electrification Coalition, launched in November 2009, is committed to promoting policies and actions that facilitate the deployment of electric vehicles on a mass scale in order to combat the economic, environmental, and national security threats posed by our nation's dependence on petroleum. The EC's 2009 Electrification Roadmap proposed a set of policies in which geographic areas would compete to be selected as electrification deployment communities, in which targeted, temporary financial incentives are employed so that all of the elements of an electrified transportation system are deployed simultaneously. On May 27, Republicans and Democrats in both the House and the Senate introduced legislation that largely echoed theRoadmap.  A version of the legislation was approved by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on an overwhelming bipartisan 19-4 vote on July 21Harry Reid.  Days later, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell
SOURCE Electrification Coalition"

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