Sunday, January 30, 2011

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  Electric Cars are coming on our streets and utility companies are getting ready to charge our future. All naysayers will be proven wrong in the end - we could only dream about the numbers of Electric Cars to be on the streets when they will put sizable constrain on the existing grid! This time will come and it will be matter of technological progress and investment into the smart grid to accommodate the new demand for electricity and flexible grid management. 
  It is a manageable task and presents an investment opportunity on its own. Who are the big players here - corporate "cream de la cream": GE, Google, Siemens, SAP, ABB and utilities companies world-wide amongst others. We are confident that they will manage to make electricity available for our Electric Cars in time.
   Electricity could be produced from the number of sources, some of them could be renewable and their share will increase dramatically in the years to come  - Oil comes from depleting source and can not sustain our Energy diet any more.

  "This almost "perfect" Oil Demand Supply scenario from IEA on the chart above has accounted for "Crude Oil: fields to be found" - politically correct way to scream about Oil Shortage in the nearest future. Nobody was even thinking about any pressure - like Egypt eruption - on the world oil supply markets. We are not calling for panic now, but for how long can we continue to rely on the Oil map above to carry up our economies?

"Egypt on TV screens screams about Oil Age coming to an End - our recovery is too fragile to sustain the coming Oil Shock - we have the way out now and we can chose what to do next. At the certain level of Oil price all worries and concerns related to Electric Cars will be gone - you will be just happy to be able to drive."

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