Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lithium Drive: Electric cars create buzz at auto show tnr.v, lmr.v, rm.v,, sqm, fmc, roc, lit, li.v, wlc.v, clq.v, res.v, ree,, nsany, f, gm,, dai, byddf, hev, aone, vlnc

  Electric Cars are coming here now the choice is for consumers to make. Fundamentals are here to support new disruptive technology:

"Oil Shock and Energy Crisis. It all could be gone very fast, the entire fabric of our society will be teared apart - it will be not even like the last financial crisis, which had the horrifying experience for all of us - there is point of no return in this coming one: Energy Collapse. You can not bail out Energy Supply, print more Oil to drive, to plant, to feed, to move, to produce. You even need Oil to move to the Alternative Energy and Post Oil Society and we have not even started. Question is how are we going to survive - all 7 billion of us soon to be on this planet?"
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