Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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We have one more Plug In America PSA out - this one has a very clear message about low cost ownership of electric Cars compare to the conventional ones.

"We must be honest with you - we did not get the latest PSA "Hype" message from Plug In America clearly at first. "Cell Phone" is the classic for us, but now with more and more publicity we must admit, that Fabio cult figure works very well by promoting the Electric Cars.
  FOX trashing Electric Cars and Obama together with healthy style is a very tasty treat - it will bring more people to the idea to try it. Announced by Hertz Electric Cars rental program will provide the good opportunity to test the future, which is happening now.

  And yes, Fabio can fit into Electric Car, even in Tesla Roadster, but this pushy brainwash from "FOX as usual" does not work any more, just search here for Range Rover Liberty EV, Toyota RV4 EV and Mercedes E-Cell."

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