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  TNR Gold is moving forward with its International Lithium spin out and now we can get a hint on the company's focus after this transaction, scheduled to be completed in the spring 2011. This company has quite a portfolio of properties in Gold, Copper, Lithium and REE. International Lithium spin out should demonstrate that the company is able to find strong partners for its portfolio development. Los Azules Copper project in Argentina court hearing is scheduled for this summer, Ameri Gold will be next with its Shotgun Gold deposit in Alaska after International Lithium and now we can see the Rare Earths side of this investment story to shape up.

  New issue of RCR research is out with its Overview and Investment Comment and Rare and Minor Metals Fundamentals. Our top pick in the sector TNR Gold is covered among others in this report.
  It is interesting to see the valuation and International Lithium spin out notes in RCR report:

  "We have these days report after report on Peak Oil situation, President Obama and Energy Secretary Chu admits the dear situation and promote Electric Cars. Now we have reports coming out on Strategic Commodities: Lithium and Rare Earths, which will be the materials basis for the transition into the post carbon society. 

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Mar 01, 2011 08:30 ET
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - March 1, 2011) -TNR Gold Corp. ("TNR" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:TNR) is pleased toannounce the acquisition of 100% ownership interest in the SeabrookRare Earth Element Carbonatite Complex in northern Ontario (the"Property") through a combination of staking and option.
Key Highlights:
  • 100% ownership and coverage of the Seabrook Carbonatite Complex;
  • Significant REE potential indicated from previous operators' limited exploration;
  • 4 grab samples grading 0.6, 1.5, 4.7 and 10.3% Nb2O5; and
  • One sample grading 0.47% Ce2O5 and 0.22% La2O3 where only the Ce and La were analyzed for.
"The Seabrook Carbonatite Complex represents a significantaddition to TNR's Rare Earth Elements property portfolio that alsoincludes the Big Beaver House Carbonatite; one of the largestcarbonatites in Ontario," states Gary Schellenberg, CEO – TNR Gold Corp."TNR's inclusion of two highly prospective and under-explored REEproperties represent excellent exploration targets for REEs and is aprime example of the opportunities that the Company continues to sourceout, identify and acquire." 
The Seabrook Property consists of three claims covering 32Units and totaling 512 hectares. Two of the claims totaling 23 Unitswere acquired through staking by the Company and the remaining one claimconsisting of 9 units is under option to the Company, contingent onExchange approval. The Company can acquire a 100% interest in theoptioned claim by issuing an aggregate $111,000 cash payment, 450,000shares and accumulating $750,000 in exploration expenditures over athree year period to the claim owners (the "Optionor"). In addition, TNRagrees to pay to the Optionor a net smelter returns royalty (the"Royalty") of 2.0% of which TNR shall have the right to purchase up to75% of the Royalty (being 1.5%) at any time prior to the commencement ofcommercial production upon the payment of $500,000 per each 25% of theRoyalty (being each 0.5%).
Seabrook Carbonatite
The Seabrook Carbonatite Complex is one of the southernmostCarbonatite complexes in Ontario located 100 kilometres NE of Sault Ste.Marie and 10 kilometres west of highway 129 along a provincial ForestAccess Road. The Seabrook Project is accessible year round with apowerline transecting the property and the Aubrey Falls Dam andGenerating Station situated within 12 kilometres.
The Seabrook Carbonatite is approximately 1.5 x 2.5kilometres in area and elongated along a north-south trend forming atadpole shaped complex consisting of Sovite and Silicocarbonatite in thebulbous northern portion and Ijolite in the tail to the south. Theentire complex is enveloped by a well developed aureole of Fenitizedgranitic rocks.
The limited past exploration on the Seabrook Carbonatite hasindicated significant REE potential. In 1955, W. Bussineau reported 4grab samples* grading 0.6, 1.5, 4.7 and 10.3% Nb2O5. In1971, Canpac Minerals Ltd. and Gunnex Ltd. reported grab samplesgrading up to 0.90% Nb and outlined 3 areas of high Nb values which werenever followed up by drilling. In 1977, P.C. Thurston et al. as part ofa geological survey of the Chapleau area for the Ontario Division ofMines returned a sample of Sovite grading 0.47% Ce2O5 and 0.22% La2O3 where only the two REE elements (Ce + La) were analyzed.
Big Beaver House Carbonatite
TNR Gold Corp. acquired by staking the Big Beaver House REEproperty, one of the largest carbonatite complexes in Ontario at 5 by 5kms in scale. The property consists of eleven claims totaling 2,688hectares and is located 40 kms northeast of Golcorp.'s Musselwhite goldmine.
The project has experienced minor historic exploration due tothe almost complete absence of outcrops however the limited drillingthat did occur indicated significant REE potential when the OntarioGeological Survey analyzed the historic drill core and reported Nd+La+Cegrades up to 3,200 ppm.
* Grab samples are by definition selective and are unlikely to represent average grades on the property.
The Company is currently planning and coordinating the 2011exploration programs on their REE properties and will provide moredetails near the commencement of field operations.
John Harrop, P.Geo, is the company's qualified person on theproject as required under NI 43-101 and has reviewed the technicalinformation contained in this press release. To view additional detailson the Seabrook and Big Beaver House Carbonatite Complexes, please visitour website (www.tnrgoldcorp.com) and select the project presentations.
The Company is a diversified international metals explorationcompany focusing on the continued advancement of existing propertiesand identifying and acquiring new prospective projects. The Company has aportfolio of 18 active projects, of which 9 rare metals projects,including Mariana, will be held or optioned to the Company's whollyowned subsidiary International Lithium Corp upon completion of aproposed plan of arrangement.
The objective of the proposed plan of arrangement is to spinout the Company's rare metals property interests into a separate publiccompany, International Lithium Corp. This proposed plan of arrangementhas been approved by the Company's shareholders and the courts ofBritish Columbia. The Company will now proceed with the spin out andwill provide updates on the progress of the spinout in further newsreleases. For further details of the spinout, please refer to Stockwatchnews dated May 26, 2010, or visit International Lithium's website.
The recent acquisition of lithium, other rare metals andrare-earth elements projects in Argentina, Canada, USA and Irelandconfirms the combined companies' commitments to generating projects,diversifying its markets, and building shareholder value.
On behalf of the board,
Gary Schellenberg, President"
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