Friday, March 18, 2011

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   As we all know, Range Anxiety is the crucial worry in the market for Electric Cars. Renault has an interesting approach here as well now. This effort in order to bring comfort to potential EV buyers combined with lithium battery reliability and cost taken out from the buying consideration will be a game changer in the Electric Cars market place. With Renault you will not buy the lithium battery, but rent it and pay monthly for the usage with all worries about its reliability and warranty backed by the company. Prices were promised to be competitive to the similar diesel engine car - when you will account for the electricity payments and battery lease - now with recent run up in Oil prices you should even get a better running cost with electric Cars from Renault.
   Another geopolitical implication of the recent events and Japan tragedy will be the Chinese wild card in the lithium market and lithium battery industry - they were already stepping on the toes of Japanese and Korean lithium battery makers. Now they have announced that 12th 5 year plan promotes Electric Cars as strategic industry and they aim to become to largest producer in the world of Lithium Batteries and Electric cars.

"We saw the future and it is electric...Renault is the most aggressive one in speed to the market and pricing: Fluence will go at 22k euro after 5k euro state rebate and with lease for battery at 79 euro per month. The idea is that after state rebate in France this full size family sedan EV will be priced similar to "thermal one" - as they call it. No hassle with the battery - it belongs to Renault. At recent gas prices in Europe, running cost for lease of the battery and electricity will be the same as for CE car for average usage. Actual total ownership cost will be lower, when you take into account the after sale service. Situation will change dramatically with higher gas prices. We think that it is the game changer for EV mass market acceptance."


Report: Renault will "get you home" if its electric vehicles run out of juice
by Eric Loveday (RSS feed) on Mar 17th 2011

Worried that your battery-powered ride might run out of juice, leaving you stranded out in the middle of nowhere? Well, if your electrified auto happens to be one that's built by Renault, then there's no need fret because the French automaker is set to offer what Autocar calls a "get you home" guarantee on its electric vehicles.

The deal, according to Autocar, assumes that a trip was within the realistic range of the battery-powered Fluence, Zoe, Kangoo or Twizy and that the vehicle runs out of juice due to uncontrollable circumstances (i.e. traffic jams, inclement weather, diversions around construction zones). Renault will also reportedly offer stranded motorists a replacement vehicle while their electric ride is getting charged up.

On a related note, Renault says that it has received three times as many inquiries for the dirt cheap Twizy, which is priced at €6,990 (that's merely $9,799 U.S. at today's exchange rate), as it has for the Kangoo and Fluence.

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