Wednesday, January 05, 2011

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  Once we have moved the question of our Energy Security and mere survival into the technological space, we will start to talk about the R&D money spent and technological advance. Target is to bring the cost of the batteries down and its capacity up. Elon Musk was talking about 8-10% advance in battery capacity in a year now. DBM Energy is talking about 300  Wh/kg, without disclosing the cost. Argonne has a target of 400Wh on kg and price of 375 dollars per kWh.
  It will be translated into the price for GM Volt 16 kWh battery of 6,000 dollar a 40% reduction and Nissan Leaf 300 kg battery could be not 24 kWh capacity giving Nissan Leaf 100 miles range, but 120 kWh with 500 miles range! This technological breakthrough will end Range Anxiety and EVs will become truly the new revolution in a way of personal mobility.
  These results are still expectations at best and a few years into the future, but even DBM Energy claims could make this EV revolution reality today in case of its proper verification.

"Last week we saw the news on numerous websites about the new magic battery from German start up DBM Energy, which allows to power an Electric Car for...600 km! We were digging the information and now can tell you - that if this information will be confirmed - we have a breakthrough in lithium  battery technology. We do not know the cost of this battery at this moment, its specific power and other specs, but claims are so impressive, that we still need further confirmation and verification by the third parties.Over 300 Wh/kg - to put it in perspective - Nissan Leaf 24 kWh battery will be in this case 80 kg! Now weight of the battery pack for Nissan Leaf is 300kg.Renault Fluence 22 kWh battery weight is 250 kg.
Lifetime of 2500 Charge cycles without degradation - if you drive 200km every day and have to charge this battery every 3 days - you have 20 years of lifespan of this battery! Everything with a solid 10 year warranty will work for Electric Cars mass market. Solution so far was 8 year warranty by GM Volt and Nissan Leaf and Renault actually announced that they will lease the lithium batteries - we called it the breakthrough for EV mass market at the time.6 min charge time for 100 kWh - it is important to know with what kind of a fast charger it was done, but in anyway - if battery can sustain 2500 cycles with this kind of fast charger - it is another breakthrough. Question will in Charging Infrastructure, but it is 6 min for 100 kWh - too good to be true.

and it is ... 
LMP Lithium Metal Polymer!

Even if these claims will be true by only half in a normal market and industrial conditions we, maybe, have already stepped in another era for EVs. 
Lithium and REE resources will gain their strategic importance overnight now. Confirmation of these claims by DBM Energy means that we can move today to Electric Cars, even without the claimed cost advantage vs "normal" lithium cells technology. Even if the price now will happen to be the same as known technology - mass market production of electric cars will bring prices of the batteries down faster than 8% per year according to Elon Musk from Tesla Motors."
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