Sunday, March 20, 2011

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  If we can allocate all costs properly to the account of Oil Supply in the U.S., including the price for military operations and protection of the ocean lines, amount spent in order to protect 100 years old Oil based technology can easily place us all in the Electric Cars in five years time.
  Cost of human tragedies will be always on hands of those who still keeps us addicted to Oil.

"Only sometimes Mr Market allows us to step into the same long term trend at the depressed valuations even when fundamentals and assets in the particular investment plays are better. We are entering the tectonic shift in our Energy Diet now - it will be painful, but with right attitude and determination we can succeed with the new technology available to us now. Transportation will be leading the way in this next Industrial Revolution - Electrification of our Mobility. We will need more and more Oil and Gas in order to produce our food."
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