Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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  Slowly, but steadily roll out of Electric Cars continues and Nissan Leafs arrive in U.S. in a mass fashion. Spring is the right time for new Nissan Leafs popping up on our streets and draw attention, when people are ready to try something new and gas prices and headlines remind them that Oil party is over.

"Peak Oil Transition: HSBC: Oil Will Be Gone in 50 years Time. 
We will not care if Warren Buffett is right and all cars will be Electric in twenty years time, but we need to put a lot of things together to survive this transition and keep our lifestyle affordable in the West. This warning from HSBC this time is one of the many and with ongoing another Peak Oil in Libya all investors should take notice.

  Progress in the West so far is very slow - now Japan tragedy will bring its toll to this development, but it can also provide opportunity for the new players to enter Lithium Batteries and Electric Cars markets. Diversity and secure supply of all food chain for the Electric Cars will be the priority now, starting with Lithium and Rare Earths."


600 Nissan Leafs arrive at Port of Long Beach; more than 5,000 have been made

"A shipment of more than 600 Nissan Leafs destined for the U.S. left port in Japan on March 10, just prior to the earthquake and will arrive as scheduled," according to Nissan's presser dated March 14th. Well, arrive they did. Nissan's Luna Spirit car carrier is now docked at the Port of Long Beach in California and is ready for unloading.

The Luna Spirit is one of five vessels that transported Leafs from Japan to the U.S. during the month of March. The other ships include the Andromeda Spirit, the Bergamot Ace, the Hoegh Inchon and the United Spirit. All told, some 1,500 Leafs arrived in the U.S. in March.

Once unloaded, the Leafs will be trucked to dealerships where pre-order customers will pick them up. This batch of 1,500 Leafs, according to Plugin Cars, will push Nissan's electric hatch past several milestones, most notably exceeding the 5,000-unit production mark, which gives Nissan the right to brag that its Leaf is one of the highest volume electric vehicles ever."
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