Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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  This is how you should handle the High Voltage - we like the intensity. Electric Cars image was damaged by the floating milk carts and G-Wiz. They are not Vacuum Cleaners with wheels any more and Tesla, Fisker Karma, Nissan, Renault, Citroen, Jaguar and Porsche are striking back with high performance Electric Super Cars.
  If you have enough mileage on your credit card you do not have to sacrifice anything to be green any more. Technology is here - we just need to embrace it in the market place and volume production of Nissan Leafs and GM Volt will do the rest. Lithium Batteries will become cheaper, more reliable and with a higher capacity, providing more extended driving range.
  Oil will be gone soon and we have to accept it and move fast into the future and this future is Electric now.

"If we can allocate all costs properly to the account of Oil Supply in the U.S., including the price for military operations and protection of the ocean lines, amount spent in order to protect 100 years old Oil based technology can easily place us all in the Electric Cars in five years time."

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