Sunday, March 13, 2011

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  Toyota strikes back to stay in the electric game and now company came out with its Plug-In version of Prius. This Prius uses Lithium ion battery and it is a very important step for our Lithium market.

  "This move by Toyota to Lithium batteries for its Plug-In Hybrids will have a huge implications for the whole lithium industry. Toyota's Prius is the leader in Hybrid sales and even if the batteries are smaller in the Hybrids, than those ones in pure Electric Cars, numbers on the sale side are adding up very fast.
  Toyota has a long history of discussing different batteries in the headlines, but moving fast into another direction with actual technology - they have announce quite a few times that lithium technology will not be cost effective, but later bought a stake in an upcoming lithium producer and now move to the lithium its Plug-In Hybrid fleet.
  Upcoming EV RAV-4 will be powered by Tesla 
lithium technology as well."
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