Saturday, March 26, 2011

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  We are out of politics, but watching the Trend and this trend is very disturbing. Energy Transition this time will coincide with the End of Empire. 

"It is not the new study, but even last September estimation of cost for US wars at $6 trillion is a mind-boggling. Today a lot of people are excited with Libya and we decided to run some numbers on true price of Oil and extend our previous post.

  You should always take everything in comparison and we will give one here: totalbudget request for 2011 is 2.36 Billion for the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE).

On a separate note we guess that Arab League had a bad translation what No Fly Zone actually means - this mess has only started. Please make no mistake that this action is a grand preparation for the Iran operation and the last warning to this country, but what is this warning for if the hot heads in U.S. just want Iranian Oil?
"4. With all that scare US Dollar remains below long term uptrend line. It was not able to rally substantially even after all this panic - it is the big question mark. Somebody is already pricing Qn+1.

  What way will be chosen? Can the arrogance still rule even in the age of social media? Pretty much so, but you can now make your choice and take out your hard earn dollars out of war equation for the sake of Green Buck itself. Electric Cars allow you to stop Oil servitude and finance the wars on both sides.

"If we can allocate all costs properly to the account of Oil Supply in the U.S., including the price for military operations and protection of the ocean lines, amount spent in order to protect 100 years old Oil based technology can easily place us all in the Electric Cars in five years time."

"Mainstream media is jumping now on the the Rare Earths story. Japan tragedy will bring more attention to the Energy Transition, Peak Oil situation and realisation that Alternative Energy requires state-based initiatives which will create necessary infrastructure - like Internet was developed first as a military application or Chinese 12th 5 year plan, which put now Electric Cars as Strategic Industry.

 Nuclear Power will be under microscope for quite a while now and other forms of renewable energy will receive finally proper attention. At the heart of this transition into New Energy, including Wind and Solar power generation are Strategic Commodities: Lithium and Rare Earths.
"We are monitoring the M&A situation in the Lithium market space here - everybody would like to find the next Orocobre just before Toyota was buying into it."

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