Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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  Here comes Nissan Leaf on the UK roads! What would you do with cost of petrol in UK at 6 pounds per gallon? At the recent rate - it is almost a whopping 10 dollars per gallon! This is the sign of things to come to North America as well in the nearest future. UK is the testing ground for all new games by FED financial geniuses: UK banks were bailed out first and QE was first officially announced across the pond as well. FED is still searching for Inflation - in UK today was a shock with Inflation hitting 4.4%.

Video: Bloomberg: Nissan's Wilcox Says Demand for Leaf Outstrips Supply

10. Alternative Energy will be the future, we all will be ready to pay more for the safe and secure Energy supply.

11. Lithium sell off on Japanese battery makers worries will be the great opportunity to accumulate your favorite plays in this strategic sector. Lithium Brine projects are not about only Lithium production, but mostly about Potash production by the output. Here is not only Investment Play on Electrification of our transportation, but the Food play as well.

12. Rare Earths will experience rotation from the leaders in the sectorafter last year unbelievable run into the underdogs of the sector with solid projects - the future is here in Lithium and REE - the way to produce, store and use the Power in the most convenient form - Electricity. It is all about Electric Cars, Batteries, Solar and Wind now.

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