Friday, March 18, 2011

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  Time is for an update from Japan and as a sad sign of recent events Nissan starts to check all of its Nissan Leafs which are built in Japan for radioactivity. Will  GM take the lead now with its GM Volt? Nissan will have now another stimulus to rum up preparation for production in U.S. and UK.

"Another geopolitical implication of the recent events and Japan tragedy will be the Chinese wild card in the lithium market and lithium battery industry - they were already stepping on the toes of Japanese and Korean lithium battery makers. Now they have announced that 12th 5 year plan promotes Electric Cars as strategic industry and they aim to become to largest producer in the world of Lithium Batteries and Electric cars.
  Video number two provides an opportunity to overview the markets for the Strategic Commodities for Peak Oil Energy Transition and Electric Cars, particularly, Lithium, Tantalum, Cobalt and Rare Earths."

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