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   Cornerstone Capital Resources has an impressive run lately - company was beaten into the dust with Ecuador uncertainty. Now company is coming back to life and moving forward. Brooke Macdonald was appointed as President and company has acquired new gold-silver-copper property in Chile.
  Today Cornerstone shows us its Rare Earth investment story and this J/V with Great Western Minerals could be another driver for this company.

"Our another sleeping beauty among junior miners is coming to life these days - Cornerstone Capital Resources enjoyed support of Lukas Lundin one day and just before the meltdown was struggling with uncertainty in Ecuador. Financial crises has provided one more time the time machine for us to step up into this story at the valuation of the bitten into the dust company.

Cornerstone Resources has been exploring in Ecuador since 2005 through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Cornerstone Ecuador S.A. Currently Cornerstone holds the mineral rights to 14 concessions covering 36.3 km2 in Ecuador's central cordillera. These under-explored areas offer tremendous potential for discovery of epithermal gold-silver and porphyry copper-gold deposits.
Consistent with its business model, Cornerstone has secured partners to advance exploration on two of its largest Ecuadorian projects. The Shyri property (30,283 ha in 10 concessions) is subject to an option and joint venture agreement with Intrepid Mines Limited of Australia. The property encompasses three gold prospects, Gama, Vetas Grandes and Cañaribamba and is strategically located between the 3.5 million ounce Quimsacocha gold project to the east and the Rio Blanco gold project to the northwest. The Macará area of interest encompasses 2,500 km2 of prospective geology in southern Ecuador. It includes the 1,452 ha Bella Maria concession and is subject to a strategic alliance and option agreement with Newmont Ventures Limited. Stream sediment sampling and prospecting within the area of interest have identified significant anomalous gold and base metals in stream sediment and rock samples.
Cornerstone also holds a 100% interest in the Caña Brava (3,125 ha in 2 concessions) and Bella Maria (1,401 ha in 1 concession) gold-silver properties, and is seeking joint venture partners to advance exploration on these highly prospective projects."

2011-03-01 08:18 ET - News Release

Also News Release (C-GWG) Great Western Minerals Group Ltd

Mr. H. Brooke Macdonald of Cornerstone reports


Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc. has signed a formal option agreement granting Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. the right to earn a 51-per-cent interest in Cornerstone's Chaleur rare earth element (REE) property in northern New Brunswick. The general terms of an earlier letter agreement between Cornerstone and Great Western respecting a portion of the Chaleur property were previously announced in Stockwatch on May 19, 2010.

Under the option agreement the size of the subject property has increased from 200 mineral claims (the letter agreement) to 380 claims and, as a result, the underlying payment and work commitments have been revised. Great Western fulfilled its initial commitments under the letter agreement by issuing to Cornerstone 25,000 GWN shares and expending a minimum of $50,000 on exploration. Upon execution of the option agreement, Great Western made a cash payment to Cornerstone of $35,000 and will issue an additional 65,000 GWN shares following receipt of regulatory approval. Great Western may elect to make further payments of cash and shares totalling $75,000 and 340,000 respectively during the next three years and incur additional exploration expenditures totalling $1.35-million. The parties will then form a joint venture to further explore and develop mineral resources on the property. Great Western is operating the exploration programs during the option period in conjunction with its continuing Benjamin River REE project located adjacent to the Chaleur property.

"This option agreement validates Cornerstone's prospect generation business model," said Brooke Macdonald, president, Cornerstone Capital Resources. "Our shareholders will benefit not only from the infusion of cash and shares from Great Western but also from their funding of a significant exploration program that is likely to greatly enhance the value of the Chaleur property."

The Chaleur property is underlain by the Siluro-Devonian Chaleurs group, which comprises bimodal felsic and mafic volcanic rocks with minor intercalated sedimentary units. Locally these rocks are intruded by small bodies of Silurian or Devonian granites. In the district, a number of copper-iron skarn prospects are known in the metamorphic aureole of these intrusions. Great Western has been exploring its Benjamin River project immediately to the north where a number of heavy rare earth element enriched, apatite-diopside-magnetite dikes occur adjacent to one such intrusion.

2010 exploration program and results

During 2010 Great Western completed exploration programs on two separate project areas on the Chaleur property: i) claim group 5323 (200 claims); and ii) claim group 5720 (180 claims). Exploration work included reconnaissance geological mapping, prospecting, mobile metal ion (MMI) soil geochemistry surveys and follow-up bedrock chip sampling.

The MMI soil samples were collected at a grid spacing of 50 metres by 100 m, and focused on areas where previous work by Cornerstone had identified anomalous REE concentrations in outcrop and stream sediment samples. A total of 819 MMI soil samples were collected over the east-central portion of claim group 5323, and 564 samples were collected over the southern portion of claim group 5720. With the exception of several isolated anomalies, the majority of MMI REE anomalies are concentrated along the banks and flood plains of streams and brooks. On claim group 5720, rock chip sampling of rhyolite outcrops exposed along the banks of two streams immediately above the MMI soil anomalies did not return significant REE values. Planned exploration work during 2011 will focus on identifying the source of the MMI soil anomalies utilizing more detailed geochemistry surveys, geological mapping and prospecting.

All MMI soil samples were prepared and analyzed at SGS Minerals Services (SGS) in Toronto, Ont., utilizing the MMI-M package. Rock chip samples were prepared and analyzed for REE and whole rock by lithium metaborate fusion and ICP-OES at SRC (SRC) Geoanalytical Laboratories in Saskatoon, Sask. Both SGS and SRC follow strict quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) protocols which includes the insertion of blanks, duplicates and standard reference materials into the sample stream.

This press release was prepared by Terry Brace, PGeo, Cornerstone's vice-president of exploration and a qualified person (QP) in accordance with National Instrument (NI) 43-101. Exploration programs on the Chaleur property are being carried out under the supervision of John Pearson, PGeo, Great Western's vice-president of exploration and a QP in accordance with NI 43-101.

We seek Safe Harbor."
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