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   And here comes Charging Infrastructure for the Electric Cars. Will U.S. be able to compete with China in this space?

When will we waken up?

- Electric vehicles are classified as a "strategic industry" under the twelfth Five-Year plan (2011-15), and parts manufactures will receive tax breaks and subsidies. the government has pledged that it will do whatever is necessary to push Chinese auto industry into the lead on electric vehicles over the next decade.

- Premier Wen Jiabao's choice three years ago for Minister of Science and Technology, WAN Gang, was the first minister in at least three decades who is not a member of the Communist Party, but he is former Audi auto engineer and ex-chief scientist for the Chinese' government research panel on electric cars.

- Senior Chinese officials, including Wan Gang, have outlined China's aim to be the world's largest producer of electric cars within three years, with a near-term goal of producing 500k units in 2011.

- The central government has already pledged about $17B to push the electric vehicle effort, including about $2B for R&D and an $8,800/car subsidy in 26 cities (announced in June). Provincial governments have been encouraged to contribute on top of that.

- The state-owned utilities have been tasked with building out the smart grid and charging infrastructure required for a rapid ramp up in electrics. According to the State Grid Corporation (SGC), which provides about 85% of the country's power, 75 electric charging stations are planned for 27 cities by the end of 2010. The pace will accelerate next year."


State of Washington to establish charging corridor along U.S. Route 2

The Washington Department of Commerce, together with the State Department of Transportation, has announced plans to transform the Stevens Pass Greenway section of U.S. Route 2 into the country's first electrified National Scenic Byway. With funds from the Federal Recovery Act, the state will install up to three DC quick-charge stations along U.S. Route 2, which connects with the state's I-5 electric highway and should enable plug-in vehicle owners to traverse Washington and always be within a reasonable distance from a public charging station.

Additionally, Washington's Advanced Vehicle Innovations Consortium and the Port of Chelan County have received private investments to fund the installation of Level II charging stations at several of the most popular travel destinations located along U.S. Route 2. These destinations include the Stevens Pass ski area, Leavenworth's Sleeping Lady resort and Icicle Ridge Winery, Wenatchee's Convention Center, Town Toyota Center and the SpringHill Suites hotel in Wenatchee. All of the charging stations along Washington's strip of U.S. Route 2 should be operational by the end of 2011. Thanks to Nick for the tip!

[Source: State of Washington, Plug In Center | Image: Nick Nolte - C.C. License 2.0]


Washington to create nation's first electric vehicle-friendly scenic byway along U.S. 2

Popular Visitors' Destinations in North Central Washington Announce Plans for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

OLYMPIA, WA –The Department of Commerce and the Washington State Department of Transportation
today announced plans to make the Stevens Pass Greenway the first electric vehicle-friendly National
Scenic Byway route. With Federal Recovery Act funding through the State Energy Program, the state will
install two to three electric vehicle (EV) fast charging stations along U.S. Highway 2. This route will
connect to the I-5 "electric highway" enabling electric vehicle drivers to travel from across the west
coast to North Central Washington by the end of 2011.

In addition to the state's investment, the Port of Chelan County and the Advanced Vehicle Innovations
Consortium in Wenatchee have catalyzed private investment to install Level II charging stations at
popular travel destinations along the U.S. 2 byway route. These destinations include Stevens Pass Ski
Area; Leavenworth's Sleeping Lady Resort and Icicle Ridge Winery; and Wenatchee's Convention Center,
Town Toyota Center and SpringHill Suites by Marriot Wenatchee Hotel. Each of these venues plans to
install Level II charging stations that will allow electric vehicle drivers to "fuel up" while they are enjoying
the location's activities. Level II charging stations will complement the fast-charging stations installed by
the state, which can charge the battery of some electric vehicles from zero to 80 percent in an estimated
20 minutes.

"Washington State is proud to announce another important step toward enabling broad adoption of
electric vehicles," said Rogers Weed, Director of the state Department of Commerce. "Partnering to
deliver charging infrastructure is essential in Washington, and this initiative keeps us moving in the right
direction, promoting local jobs, rural businesses and clean energy."

Over a half-dozen additional destination property owners and public entities from Leavenworth to
Chelan are also expected to announce their intentions to purchase and install charging stations by the
time the EV fast charging stations are deployed on U.S. 2.

"Enthusiasm and preparation for electric vehicles arriving in North Central Washington has been ramping up for the past six years," said Ron Johnston-Rodriguez of the Port of Chelan County, coordinator of the Advanced Vehicle Innovation (AVI) Consortium and its PluginCenter Charging Station project. "The State of Washington's collaboration with the Port and its AVI partners has proven to be an energizing catalyst for community-wide efforts to facilitate and promote charging station deployment in the region. This investment in electric vehicle infrastructure by both private and public sectors accelerates the Consortium's timetable for multiple activities to demonstrate and integrate electric vehicle technology into the fabric of this rural area's tourism industry cluster."

In addition to furthering the state's vision for improving the energy efficiency of Washington's transportation system, Washington State Tourism plans to promote eco-tourism opportunities in conjunction with the electrification of U.S. 2. The planned fast-chargers will be strategically located to support zero-emission, zero-oil travel along the 120-mile byway. The Stevens Pass Greenway is one of the richest scenic byways in Washington. Originally developed for the Old Great Northern Railroad, this route winds its way through dense forest, mountain ranges and green valleys, past orchards and wineries of Wenatchee, family farms and the Bavarian village of Leavenworth.

"Businesses along U.S. 2 rely on tourism," said Marsha Massey, Executive Director of Washington State Tourism. "With fast charging stations along this scenic byway, travelers will be able to drive electric cars to popular destinations such as Stevens Pass, Leavenworth and Wenatchee."
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