Monday, March 21, 2011

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"Mainstream media is jumping now on the the Rare Earths story. Japan tragedy will bring more attention to the Energy Transition, Peak Oil situation and realisation that Alternative Energy requires state-based initiatives which will create necessary infrastructure - like Internet was developed first as a military application or Chinese 12th 5 year plan, which put now Electric Cars as Strategic Industry.
 Nuclear Power will be under microscope for quite a while now and other forms of renewable energy will receive finally proper attention. At the heart of this transition into New Energy, including Wind and Solar power generation are Strategic Commodities: Lithium and Rare Earths.
"We are monitoring the M&A situation in the Lithium market space here - everybody would like to find the next Orocobre just before Toyota was buying into it."

  Situation is getting even more critical with some reports suggesting that China will start importing Rare Earths as early as 2014. Our main question remains open - maybe it is already too late and U.S. Corp will be never able to catch China in this strategic game. You can make a guess who is leading the way in Wind Power now..."
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