Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Growing economic prosperity is having massive consequences for the environment and climate protection. Electro-mobility could be a solution to many problems. In China, both private and state-run companies are now working to optimize battery and control technology. Experiments using electric vehicles in public transport and taxis are being carried out in more than 20 project cities. But the transition to electric power is difficult. Batteries are too expensive and make cars too heavy.

"Lithium Charge: Beijing to Build 42,000 Electric Car Charging Posts Within 5 Years
  China is moving fast into the Electric space despite all the gloom and doom in the markets these days. Not everything will be smooth, but technology and underlining demand to get rid of Oil dependence will drive this process forward."

"Lithium Charge: CCID Consulting Releases the White Paper for Mapping of China’s Lithium Ion Industry (2011)
  We have very interesting report on development of Lithium industry in China as part of the strategic  New-Energy Automobile Industries in China's 12th Five Year Plan. Lithium batteries and materials industry is at the heart of this transition to the electric cars and is growing very rapidly in China now. Report expects the fast growth in this sector in China, when security of Lithium supply will be crucial for further developments.
  We are following here International Lithium Corp. - Canadian junior Lithium developer with strategic partner from China - Ganfeng Lithium, which is mentioned in the report as well. Company has announced the extensive exploration program in Canada and will start its work on Mariana Lithium brine  project in Argentina this Fall."

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