Sunday, October 02, 2011

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Elon Musk, CEO and founder of Tesla Motors, introduced the Tesla Model S sedan tonight in Fremont, Calif., saying "The oil companies said electric cars can't work, but the truth is, they don't want them to work. But here it is. They would say this car is the equivalent of a unicorn. Well, tonight you had the opportunity to ride a unicorn."

  We are following Tesla Model S and holding our breath - the targets for this Electric Car are so ambitious that we do really count on Elon Mask to deliver. After so many disappointing delays and over promises in electric space Tesla Model S is shaping up as a game changer. Everything with this electric car: styling, range, capacity and price are putting a very high bar to beat by any auto maker. How can VC start up beat all the big boys in the end with their billions in R&D?

  We are counting here on the Elon Mask and his bet of 1 million dollars that the Tesla Model  S will be delivered next year up to its announced specification and sold to the commercial customer.
  Tesla Model S will turn the heads and fill the headlines. Next step to the Electric Cars mass market will be the driving cost of the Lithium batteries down with the technological progress, new marketing initiatives from GE and high volume production of Electric Cars.

"Lithium Charge: GE May Lease Vehicle Batteries for Electric Cars  Here we have another potential solution to the high entry cost for the Electric Cars. Total cost of ownership is already very much competitive with the ICE cars, but the high sticker prices will prevent Electric Cars to take the market by storm. Renault in France will be leasing the lithium batteries with the Electric Cars. All Electric Fluence will go for the same price as its  diesel version and lithium battery will be leased for the payment of 70 euro per month. 

  Now we have GE considering the same idea. Actually GE can make a very good business out of it. Customers will be ready to pay more for the monthly lease of the batteries in order to be able not to worry at all about the battery reliability, warranty and have an upgrade to the newer model. GE is looking for its place in this Next Big Thing, which is according to some venture capitalist will represent the opportunity in the market place like the Internet with another Zero. Once corporate monsters like GE will be seriously in play we can count on the very fast technological and marketing advance in this market."

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