Friday, October 28, 2011

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Lithium Jolt: Exclusive Q&A With Elon Musk And Chris Paine: How The Electric Car Got Its Revenge (TSLA)

"We will not stop until all cars will be electric" - this is Elon Musk's motto and it speaks volume about his ambitions. The company now is closer than ever to become the game changer and the real electric car launch and is firing on all ... electrons."

  We have a very clear Infographic about Peak Oil from

"For over 100 years we have relied on oil as a cheap, energy dense and portable form of power. Many advances such as plastics, ink, medicine, fertilizer, crayons, bubble gum, soup, glass and tires are heavily dependent on cheap oil. There is only a finite supply of oil in the world, and demand is increasing as the third world industrializes.
Peak oil, in a way, has already come: many countries and many production techniques have peaked, fortunately as demand has increased so has technology and our willingness to explore across the globe for new pockets. We’ve had to dig deeper and get creative in squeezing oil out of unconventional sources. There are still sources to tap, they’re dirtier, offer lower returns on energy invested and much harder to get at but they’re there. Unfortunately, the oil will eventually become too expensive and too sparse to viably meet our current energy demands and then we’ll need something new. Here’s our review on the subject."

peak oil

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