Saturday, October 22, 2011

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In 2006, as many as 5,000 modern electric cars were destroyed by the major car companies that built them.Today, less than 5 years later, the electric car is back... with a vengeance."Revenge Of The Electric Car" follows 4 larger-than-life entrepreneurs at the forefront of the electric car race. First, there's Bob Lutz -- Mr Detroit himself, the cigar-smoking vice-chairman of GM, who has been making gas-guzzling cars his entire career. He is challenged by Elon Musk, the young dot-com maverick billionaire who thinks that he can show Detroit how to build cars with his Silicon Valley-based Tesla Motors. Carlos Ghosn of Nissan-Renault, the desperately smart and ruthless businessman who singlehandedly rescued Nissan from ruin, wants to flood the market with affordable mainstream electric vehicles. And lastly, "Gadget" Abbott, a reverend/designer/engineer is one of thousands of electric car DIY-ers who together may be a force big enough to change the auto industry forever."Revenge Of The Electric Car" opens in the US beginning Oct. 21. For more information, please see:

 It is finally happening and it is happening now!

Lithium Charge: #PlugInDay on the WEB: Plug In America: National Plug In Day, taking place on Sunday, Oct. 16, 2011

Lithium Charge: FOX: Betting Big on Electric Cars

"We have a great endorsement for the Electric Cars from FOX as usual...All recent mass media cry about Electric Cars which are not selling, polluting and ugly in general; makes us think that they are coming even faster than we have expected. Kerosene lights must be providing the long shadows for these kind of EV haters - this technology will not be stopped - it is happening and it is happening right now.
  Just look across the pond, where UK is the front runner for all the monetary QE experiments. Recent QE program was announced just couple of weeks ago and petrol prices there are at the record high now. The ugly truth is that there is simply no more cheap Oil left around. Are you still horrified by 4 dollars per gallon - try UK with 8 dollars per gallon prices now!"

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